SNIPPETS OF ‘AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop – DAY 2

‘AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop
SNIPPETS OF DAY 2: Become Aware of Your Surroundings

Most people who observed silence on Day 1 may notice that the numerous thoughts they faced on Day 1 subside on Day 2. You might wonder where these thoughts go. These numerous thoughts get filed in our brains like we file documents in different folders. After these thoughts settle down, they allow you to come to the present time. And, in this present time, no thoughts circle around.

Hence, on Day 2, you may start becoming aware of your environment: from your body to the room you’re in, the city you’re in, into the space you’re in. This journey is so spontaneous that none of us has to do anything because gradually, we reach a state of effortlessness.

Also, you might notice that when you ‘Observe Silence’ initially, it serves a therapeutic purpose, making you feel balanced. But then it starts becoming harder. People often express that they feel excellent when they do it initially, but they start becoming uneasy after that. This point of unease and restlessness is like a speed breaker, which is to be jumped.

Why do we experience this uneasiness and restlessness?

Existing in this world requires us to make an effort to do something or the other. And as a result, subsequently, we spend so much effort recognizing ourselves: who we are, what have we done, what we eat, where we live, how to live, and how to talk. By observing silence, we go through the path from putting effort into everything to being absolutely effortless. Hence, we come to the present time after realizing that we do not need to put effort into anything. However, when we experience a state where we do not need to make any effort, it becomes more challenging because we are so accustomed to making efforts for everything. We start wondering whether we should open our eyes or adjust our posture.

This is because we have stored up energy that we have accumulated through observing silence. This energy makes you feel like putting effort into something. I reiterate that we must remember that this is the energy we’ve accumulated by keeping silent. Hence, we might avoid fidgeting, speaking, or changing our posture. The seven-day workshop is specifically meant to reduce the efforts we need to live in the physical universe and help us embrace a natural state of being.

On Day 2, the length of the session was increased by a few more minutes than on Day 1. The participants sat in silence for 1 hour and 15 minutes.


Experiences Shared by the Participants After the Session

  • It took a few minutes to experience total relaxation. Also, it took some time to become comfortable in the sitting place.
  • The energy inside could be felt.
  • The body’s sensations could be observed, and the different kinds of emotions and reactions happening in the body could be felt.
  • Everything slowly faded away into complete silence.
  • The noises around of things like birds chirping and airplanes flying were explicitly noticeable.
  • We start wondering whether we should adjust our posture, change our facial expressions or open our eyes.
  • The time passed away quickly compared to Day 1 of observing silence.
  • It didn’t seem as long as was expected. Felt a lot shorter than 1.5 hours.

Recommendations for Day 3

  • You must sit very comfortably in whatever position you are in. Gradually, just start leaving the supports you take to expend this energy, like changing your position or controlling your facial expressions. When you start leaving these crutches or supports, you will realize how much effort you were making because of them. And to your surprise, gradually, you will see that you will be able to sit without doing any of these things.
  • Also, sit straight and do not bend down or lie down. On Day 3, you will notice that you’ve made significant progress as you will not be fidgety. You will be able to save this enormous energy you’ve accumulated after your thoughts have settled down.


You must note that it takes different people a different amount of time to organize their thoughts and minds through this process. Hence, to see how much progress you’ve made, you should not compare yourself with others’ experiences.


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