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There are three very easy words to say: I love you, yes, I do. However, it takes a lot of effort for them to come out of you.

Many times, when I am talking to a couple in a session, we will be going through a so-called marriage counseling session. The only three words they have forgotten. I try to remind them, and when I ask them, when was the last time you told him or her that you love her? Then they start thinking and take some time to come up with an answer. When was the last time they told each other they were in love?

The most important thing you should know before you tell someone that you LOVE them is that you need to be able to express YOURSELF first

Why is it so difficult to express love? If possible, I think you should express your feelings as often as possible, maybe even all the time. I think it is the easiest emotion to express, and I think before you tell someone that you love them, you should be able to express yourself first.

This expression will take you to him or take you to her. As a result, the other person will be able to understand that these are not just three words. It is the wholesomeness between you and another person. The two of you or all of you who are in love come together as one in a bubble of love and warmth and become fully immersed in it. And you secure all.


You need to be in touch with your WHOLENESS

Whenever I’m in conversation with someone, I ask, ‘Is it easy for you to tell me that you love me?’ And he replies, ‘Oh, how can you say that it’s not easy to express the easiest emotion?’ That’s who you are. Practice it. It takes a lot of effort to build relationships, and it costs you both money and time.

You need to be in touch with your wholeness and transfer that wholeness to the other person through these three words: I love you. Yes, I do, as often as possible. Happy holidays.



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