The importance of being yourself

As we start growing up, the message we get from all our surroundings and from all the people who are our guides is to be self-sufficient, and independent- To “BE ON YOUR OWN”.

But this message is given to us so many times that it becomes a source of anxiety- we start believing that if we are not self-sufficient and independent, then life is not worth living. So, as a result, you know, we study, work hard, get a job and save money in our bank accounts, buy a house and car. Doing all this, we think now we have become independent, or are not dependent on anyone, or in other words, self-sufficient, I feel that this definition of being independent and self-sufficient, should also be explored on the emotional level. On the emotional level, we are so dependent on others, for our happiness, for our acknowledgment, for admiration that we do not feel self-sufficient.

This feeling of being dependent emotionally on other beings becomes more prominent when you are self-sufficient from the physical definition. For example, you have money, you have everything, but emotionally, you are completely dependent on others, you feel emotionally exhausted, your emotions are dried up, and you do not find a reason to live. This is something that we greatly experience in our new period of technology or this new era.

People feel that they are lonely, they cannot get motivated, they do not have enough desire to live, and they do not know what is the goal of life. These are a few questions that everybody faces.

In order to be self-sufficient emotionally, where will you go? You will go to temples, go to the gurdwara or gurus or places or you will sit with yourself.

To be self-sufficient means to come closer to yourself. But, can we come closer to ourselves by reading books no, watching movies, and going on vacations?

We become self-sufficient by becoming closer to ourselves and finding out more about ourselves.

And once you find out things that you don’t have energy for, list those things. And once you find out what you are missing, what you are afraid of, or what you are anxious about, and when you fix them, you’re self-sufficient.

Being self-sufficient does not mean having money in the bank account or having a car to drive or having lots of relatives all around. Being self-sufficient means being with yourself, knowing yourself, and being proud of yourself. Make sure to know yourself, have self-love, and be self-dependent.

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