What is stress?

Stress is one major word which we all use and that is known as one of the major causes of all the ills, one goes through all the dis-ease one goes through. It has become brought and you do not know at what stage you call it stress and at what stage it starts causing you some problems.

STRESS- What is it?

For me, stress is any small, very light cause of suppression on you is called stress. Stress means you are stressed with something, something is heavy on you, however, light that heavy heaviness might be, but something which you did not understand, something which did not make sense to you and you are struggling with that and their struggle or their distraction from the normal day to day living is stress.


And if you think that it is okay, you know, that’s how it is, this is how life is you can avoid stress, it is an everyday thing, everybody gets it. So, it keeps on adding striking every day. And it adds to the point that now you are unable to distinguish how do you feel without stress, you have learned to live with it. So, that is not the right mode of living.

SPOT stress or distraction you may be experiencing

So, I will say that spot stress or this distraction or you know you are feeling lost, you’re thinking about something right in the very beginning and sorted out. Because the moment you let it by love then you lose sight of it. Now, it is in operation in the body, in the form of some emotions. Or I call them as miss emotions.

What is the Definition of “Miss Emotions”?

Miss emotions are emotions, which are not required fear, grief, anger, resentment, hostility, or any emotion other than love, I call that as miss emotion. So things which are taking you away from that emotion of love, or distracting you. They are all, they’re all the reason of causing your stress and watch it you know do not let it pile up.


So, we will split stress in all the various forms so that we can understand what is actually stress. It’s not a fancy word which we use. It is every day’s livings gift to us in not that pleasant way.

So, we shall continue finding out more and more what stress actually is. And how can we handle it on daily basis. So that we are holistically living and we do not need healers and therapists to fix us. While we should be able to fix ourselves on ongoing basis.


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