How do we make our own prison?


How do we make our own prison?

All of us live in a prison made by ourselves. Prison, in its shortest possible definition, is something, which has boundaries, and beyond which you cannot see. And you’re confined to that. Prison might be suffocating. But sometimes it brings lots of safety, being in the present, because you are being protected, you are being made sure that you don’t escape from the prison.

The idea of being in prison is not very palatable. But all of us are in prison of our own creation. Sometimes we are aware of it, and sometimes we are not aware of it. We have chosen the prison of our dreams, and then we live those dreams. And then we think that we got our dreams fulfilled. We have also chosen the dreams of our curses which we have imposed upon us. We live through misery and grief, saying that life is terrible.

So, a prison of our own creation is created every moment. 

Of all the judgments human beings make about human existence,  once that judgment is done, the next moment you are in effect of that, judgment gets implemented on you. “I look good, I look bad, I’m healthy, I’m not healthy, I’m a kind person, I’m a mean person”. On this judgment, minute by minute, second by second.  instant by instant, are being made by us knowingly or unknowingly. Doesn’t matter whether it is good judgments or bad? Doesn’t mean that judgments which apparently seem pleasant. Having a judgment about yourself, I’m a very helpful person.

It’s a good judgment but then you abide by that judgment? You can’t stop yourself from helping others because the judgment is “I’m a very helpful person”.  You have told that to yourself that” I am a very helpful person,  I am a selfish person”. Sometimes, you don’t tell that to yourself,  but others told you more than once. “Oh, she is selfish.”

 Once the judgment was pronounced on me, then I acted like one. 

 I abstained from helping others because, I deep in my heart I do believe that I’m selfish. Both judgments whether made by you or given by somebody else, once they’re pronounced either by you or by the other person, their inaction so you live in the prison of those judgments, you can’t escape them, those judgments take precedence on your actions you decide that I’m a fast worker, you decided I am slow worker and accordingly you act nobody can help you escape from those judgements only you.

In this day to day living I think we judge everything by how many miles we are walking, how much food we have eaten, how much you like to eat, should I drink these many glasses of water or should I stop eating sugar and should I avoid salt? Judgment after judgment that makes us more and more confined in a prison, a prison of our own creation. When I’m saying this word when I’m using this word prison, I completely mean prison in its total. This is something which you cannot escape from, you are imprisoned in it for the lifetime.

In order to get free from that prison, first you have to find out what is this prison laid off for, how many years you have been imprisoned, and how you are executing those judgments. Becoming aware of those judgments, maybe is the first step, make a list of all the judgments you have pronounced upon yourself or others have pronounced upon you. And then pick anyone who is serving you. If none of them is serving you, then leave all of them, one by one once you leave them, you will sense freedom. And that freedom will allow you more sanity and to decide about things at the right time, in the right perspective, not from the judgment’s already pronounced.

This process of freeing yourself from your own judgments is extremely important. We are all seeking freedom and so many times we use this word I want to be free. We have never asked this question ourselves free from what?  So free yourself from your own prison created by you, Get rid of it. 

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