Anxiety and Aging

Anxiety and Aging- Enough is Enough

In this article, we are going to continue our discussion about anxiety and aging. The concept of anxiety is well known, but what we are doing is separating it into different components. There are several factors that can cause anxiety. My point today is that in order to be happy in life, we have to be able to know when enough is enough. I will elaborate on this point a bit more. Most of us are in a kind of race in which we always have to have more than enough of everything that we need. Eventually, we have more than enough, so we are faced with a stream of anxieties.

It is important to know when ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

Let me give you two or three examples. Suppose you are having food and you are really enjoying it. Eventually, there comes a point where you say “it’s good, I’m done,” but then you want to extend the pleasure, so you eat a little bit more.” That little bit extra is troublesome at this point because the body will have to work harder and the mind will have to adjust as well. Then, you are engaged in an activity that has already ended, such as eating food. However, you are still busy justifying why you ate so much. Therefore, you have to digest for a longer period than you did in the past, when there was a fine point, when it was enough.

We feel anxious when we have more than ENOUGH

I am sure that you have noticed that sometimes this happens to you when you are watching TV. You are really enjoying some movie, and then you decide that you would like to have a little bit more pleasure and you start watching a new movie.
Then, in this movie, you are trying to have more than enough, and it is irritating to you because, if you think about it, now that fine point where you were content and everything was fine has passed.

When you examine your lifestyle, and see that whatever you have in excess of, that is a cause for concern
Therefore, as a result, if you look at your lifestyle, and then you see that whatever you are having more than enough of, that is a cause for concern if you look at your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether it is a matter of money or not. In this case, you are concerned about the fact that the money is sitting in the bank without earning any interest.

Therefore, what should I do with this money? How can I make more with this money? If you make more, what will I do with it?

When you have time, and you’re resting, and you’re resting more than your body desires, then it is again more than enough. This is causing anxiety, and you’re getting bored, depressed, and you feel like you don’t know what to do.

So this is a very helpful exercise that we can all do from time to time. It is always wise to stand back and ask yourself when is enough enough. And almost everybody knows it. Now that I have shared my message with you, I would like you to think about it and stick to that fine line when you get that feeling that it is enough and then do what you need to do. Beyond that is anxiety.

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