Recovering From Grief: Taking Small Steps Toward Healing

Recovering From Grief

To process grief, you can always take baby steps. Those baby steps can be just for you. You can read books, listen to some tips, or anything else that might be helpful.

What I say most of the time is, consult yourself and do a bit more than what you can comfortably handle. So many times, I’ve seen people giving up on dressing, not showering, not eating well, and not getting out of bed. You might start wondering why you should eat or who you’re living for, and if anyone is watching you. The entire meaning of life seems to disappear.

And you should gradually add purpose to your daily life. Begin by cooking for yourself and picking up some of your old clothes that hold good memories. Also, start addressing any pending matters that require your attention, particularly legal ones, as ignoring them will only make things worse. Dealing with these tasks will help lift the cloud of grief that surrounds you.

You need to manage your finances and stand on your own to meet your basic needs. Ask yourself,”Can you earn your livelihood? How will you support those dependent on you?” Pushing them away only adds to your stress. Take it step by step. Can you make a phone call about pending legal matters, explaining the difficulty you’re facing? And consider opening those drawers filled with unopened letters, little by little. 

I’m not saying open the letters; I’m saying open the drawer a bit. Allow some fresh scents in, as fragrances can uplift your mood. Play some music; you can even cry with that music. Then slowly transition to different types of music, like instrumental, spa, relaxation, or meditation music. Thankfully, you have all these music options available at your fingertips with just a tap.

So many resources are available for your own self-healing. Use them. Push yourself to get out of the zone you’re in because, in the end, it is only you who will have to lift yourself up. Otherwise, whatever amount of support you get, if you have decided not to move even a little, it is going to fail. I understand we all go through such phases in life, but grief is not a very comfortable position to be in. It’s a life you have to push through. Let’s push through it together. Come on, join me, and get all the help you need to thrive.


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