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Anxiety can be caused by fear of losing future accomplishments

We are continuing our discussion on anxiety and aging. I mentioned yesterday that we discussed how we can feel anxious about our day-to-day lives if we have lost something in the past, or if we have fears about losing future accomplishments or achievements can lead us to feel anxious about our lives in the present.

In addition to that, you always seem to be in a hurry or in a rush. Which has become a habit to you, like you’ve come to realize that this is just how people live their lives. Therefore, this is one aspect of looking at anxiety from a very negative perspective; despite this. I continue to experience anxiety.


Artificial Intelligence

So, today, we will just focus on the other aspect of anxiety that seems to be more of a positive approach to the way we live our lives. In today’s terms, I would call that artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is when you have tons of information about life. If you have been a student of life, then you have observed things, and you’ve stored data. By using that information, you can survive on it, and you can use it to your advantage.

Basically, what your AI or your operating mechanism does, in other words, is that your AI or your operating mechanism overthinks whatever situation or event you are experiencing in your life right now. Then, do all the data mining, data analysis, projections, what is possible, and all of this might look very positive and optimistic, and then this is what is actually going to happen.

However, this is also a form of anxiety. Additionally, it causes a certain amount of anxiety.


When you are ANXIOUS, you are not present in the PRESENT MOMENT, you are somewhere else at the same time

The word anxiety is used to describe a feeling that one is not in the present moment; they are somewhere else. When we are discussing anxiety from a negative point of view. We are saying we are in the past, we are thinking about what has happened in the past.

In other words, the negative sense of anxiety is a way to express the fact that we are stuck in the past, and we are feeling anxious because of that. When I talk about this, I am describing what will happen. In both of our forms, you are not in the present time. When you aren’t in the present time, then you aren’t oriented with your physical form or your body and therefore you aren’t in the present time.

As a result, your body is not in sync with your mind. It is you, what you think, who you are, which is the whole AI, artificial intelligence of your own. Which so different to the ones that other people have. This what you think, who you are, full of ideas and aspirations, full of the past and the future, not a present. But your past and your future.


Understanding the operating mechanism is essential

Being aware of this operating mechanism is the first step towards realizing and recognizing that both ways are of no use. It only absorbs your energy and takes you out of the present moment. Thus, the second step is for you to just look and close your eyes. And then you will see that a lot of things are turning around in circles.

As a result, this is what constitutes your operating mechanism. And you consider it to be what makes you who you are. The good news is that that is not who you are. As a result, we will continue to learn more and more about you, who you are as a person.

So, we will continue more on same topic.

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