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It is a sunny afternoon and the sun has come out after many days. Almost half of the population is out enjoying the sunlight. Oh, it’s a natural resource available in plenty and for all.

It is important to be a source of energy for oneself

I also enjoy being in sun, a source of energy. And, for all of us also, it is important to be the source of energy for our own selves to the minimum and for others as well. Nature replenishes our energy.

Connecting with and learning from nature

So, most of the time when I am in the lap of nature, I always completely communicate only with nature. Look at every plant, leaf, tree, and grass around me to get in communication with them, they start talking to you gradually and this communication is the best communication, silent communication. Maybe, we know each other for whatever we are, I also get in touch with the earth and then enjoy strength provides the feeling it gives the solidarity it brings to the ground you stand on.

Nature brings out your natural existence, your natural form, and your natural shape

You will learn a lot from nature. And nature brings out your natural existence, your natural form and shape. Once you regain that, once you trust that all the natural laws apply to you. The best natural law is the existence of nature unconditionally loving anybody and everybody, anything and everything. In nature’s eye, all are equal. Thank you. Enjoy sunlight.


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