Divorce or Separation! How to end a relationship

Separate from each other

You live in a relationship. And sometimes it becomes unbearable. And you try your level best to fix it, both of you try. And it is a painful emotion to separate from each other.

And it is equally painful to stay with each other. So then comes a point where you decide to separate from each other. And because you were in marriage and marriage was supported with a piece of paper called a marriage certificate or marriage license.

Now you have to get terrified so that you again go back to your original status of being alone or being single, that is called divorce, going through a divorce is the last choice a couple makes, I’ve seen people trying their best with or without therapy, to continue to go through the ups and downs of a relationship and trying to find a middle path where they can survive for the betterment of future and also for the kids because they share a lot between them now, and it will not be a good idea to separate.


You are here, to live your life to the fullest

Sometimes you get married to the wrong person, to begin with, wrong in the sense that it was a choice made in a weaker moment to be with whoever comes into life and you never did that preliminary introduction with each other, which can establish the basis of relationship or you did not grow together to the point that where you understand each other now, and you feel that you can still go on maybe in the very accommodative way. So separating at that point is a good choice.

Because you are here to live your life to the fullest and compromising, adjusting, and respecting each other’s boundaries and somehow pushing through life is not the best definition of life. And then divorce is a solution for a new beginning. I help people in separating also from each other so that they both separate on a clean slate and do not part with ill feelings, bad memories, and painful emotions. So, that you’re able to start a new relationship.

To build a long-lasting relationship, it is important to digest three emotions: blame, regret, and sympathy

The three emotions which are very important to digest, one is blame, second is regret and third is sympathy. In this relationship, which you are going to separate from each other. You go through all these three emotions you blaming each other, regretting, and sometimes giving sympathy to the other person or in sympathy for your own self.

I help the couple to get over these emotions of blaming each other or going regret about whatsoever or being in sympathy with yourself being a victim or sympathizing with the other person. So once you are over these three emotions and then you’re able to see the other person as the person he is and it is okay to have him in the new light and not as your spouse or a person from whom you have tons of expectations.


Having a clean slate and the end of a relationship is very important

Having a clean slate and the end of a relationship is very important in any relationship but more so in a marriage relationship because that gives you a freshness for the new relationship. A freshness to start fresh and it is also good for the children if you share, kids, children, they have pain not because you both separated, pain because you both fight and they do not want you to fight that is the least they expect from you. They want you to be friendly to each other, respect each other and love each other. Because for them, it is hard to make a choice between both of you. So, do part on a good note.

Divorce is also a milestone, just like marriage, not a taboo anymore. But doing it the right way is a good solution for you and for a spouse who’s going to be an ex after divorce. That also comes in caring for each other and sharing children appropriately and helping them also have good foresight for their life.

They should also think positively about their life and their marital beginnings as and when they come. Relationships till the point two people can relate to each other, once that relation of relating finishes, the relationship is over. So accept that and ended on a good note.


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