How Does Loss Make You Feel?

FEAR of losing

One is obsessed with losses. The fear of losing or the grief of losing takes a heavy toll on the psyche of any breathing individual. I have seen animals grieving for their loss quietly. A loss can change the direction of life. One who is under the effect of loss disconnects from oneself and others.

The earth does not feel solid, the sky seems to fall upon you. You feel special in a unique way. A hurt you do not wish to live with and are not ready to leave either. You get surrounded by an emptiness that comforts you and scares you simultaneously. You think and believe that you are never going to get out of it no matter what.

Various Aspects of LOSS

You regret and blame various aspects of loss. You hate sympathy but also want sympathy. Anger builds up, and you do not know how to let go of it. The loss puts you in a lonely spot. I have worked with many of those who are in that spot and vulnerable. They are trying to escape it by adopting some attitude to survive. It can be an utmost denial or partial denial. It can be acceptance or an effort to move on.

Seeking refuge in religion

Seeking refuge in religion is common. Most religion lets you believe that it was a well-deserved loss. You were part of a cause-effect theory. This nails you down forever.


LOSS also motivates us to do great things

The loss also motivates us to do great things in life worldly-wise. It might seem a successful route, but the loss’s rawness remains as such and often hurts in various ways. Worldly success might be very superficial; deep down, it is all pain.
I will not suggest or advise a new and unique solution that will ease you out instantly. It takes time to heal, and give it all the time it deserves. Go through the pain completely.

Let it express through you. Do not bypass the hurt. Look straight through it. Feel its freshness as it happened now. Keep on it till you fully get it.


If you need help in going through it, you can always reach out to me.

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