We all live in a world that is dying. A world where an endemic is just around the corner. Yet all we care about is our financial well-being. We have damaged Mother Earth in our rush to get more money and buy better things. Right present, 7.7 billion people are alive. Imagine how much we consume without returning anything to our world. Rapid industrialization and deforestation have resulted in climate change, extreme poverty in developing nations, the extinction of many species of flora and fauna, and a great deal of pollution, all of which have contributed to the emergence of various modern diseases. We are not only physically unwell, but we also have several mental health problems.

Spirituality is the realization that we are all connected and have a responsibility towards the world. We can no longer be concerned with just our own life. Sustainable living and a holistic approach to life are the need of the hour. Sustainable living means we are consuming products with more consciousness. Products that create lesser waste and are less taxing on the environment. So instead of using store-bought bottles use soaps and shampoos made at home. Start a kitchen farm to grow tomatoes, cilantro, and other herbs. There are so many ways in which we can improve the way we live and leave our mark on the world.


The way something is regarded, comprehended, or interpreted is called perception. Everyone has their interpretation of reality. Did you know that humans can only sense red, blue, and green as fundamental colors? We notice millions more when these hues are combined. Twelve are visible to the mantis shrimp. Twelve different primary hues! I can’t even begin to think, conceptualize, image, conceive or conjure up the color possibilities. The problem is that the mantis shrimp’s brain is so little that it has no idea how beautiful the colors it sees are. The mantis shrimp uses this intricate and precise color discrimination only for mating and hunting purposes. The mantis shrimp is completely blind to the potential visual beauty of all of these inconceivable colors.

So, what exactly is perception? Is it simply what we see? What are our thoughts? Or what we comprehend? Perception, I believe, is belief. What we want to believe and what we choose to believe As a result, our reality will always differ from that of others. When we can ‘walk a mile in their shoes,’ we can see things from their point of view. Knowing that truth and perception are not the same can help us become more compassionate and less judgmental.

Perfectly normal

When everything is regular and everything appears to be in order, I always think it’s time to delve deeper since you can glance down when the lake is quiet. You know you’re in the turbulence zone when the lake is tumultuous. You can’t see what’s there because you’re in the turmoil. So I’m going to take it one step further every day. Please show me more. So I felt like love was the thing when I completely settled down in the love zone. Then, as the saying goes, when you cross one mountain, you see the other. So I reasoned that being in love, being in the present moment, being in the now, and feeling everything are all examples of being in love.


The world wants you to be in fog, you know, the TV is to bring more fog to you. These medications are to bring more fog to you. So you live in a fog. Who likes alert and alive people? People like those people who can be controlled can put in place saying yes to everything, not questioning. People don’t like you when you say who said that? Hey, don’t talk in front of me – I’m older. You’re not going to ask me this question. Who said that? Isn’t it? Society wants people not to ask these questions. So everybody lives in a spirituality. And we are harmless then. That social smile. And you’re blind. I’m also blind – so unconscious. See, it is a journey, which one goes through.



Five sensations help you record the sensations. The sixth sense helps you get the wisdom out of it. Five sense organs are the tools for the body in which you are resting. You are the sixth sense. You exist always, whether five sense organs exist or not. Depend more and more upon yourself or the sixth sense and less and less on five sense organs. The sixth sense needs love to nurture itself. Love is unconditional. Love is you and you are love. Love is all there is. Nature flourishes and prospers on unconditional love. Nature does not shower its blessings selectively. That is the only reason nature is abundant. Experience abundance, love, nature, and sixth sense. Experience spirituality.


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