Examining the interaction between the features of the physical universe: TIME, SPACE, ENERGY, and MATTER

The physical world we live in depends on countless unnatural entities. As we are dependent on automation in most aspects of our lives, we are losing sight of what it means to live and how to balance our lives. We fail to notice that our relationship with modern equipment and tools is not natural, and we are out of balance with them. Through a series of four articles, I explore the interactions between time, space, energy, and matter, and bring forward various aspects and ways to understand how the physical universe affects us when we are not living in harmony with nature. This article discusses how we can embrace a natural state of living by disentangling with the first feature of the physical universe: Time.

The First Feature of the PHYSICAL UNIVERSE is TIME

The first feature of the physical universe is Time. Time is a big worry for people. There are numerous collocations related to time, as people seek to catch up with time, fall behind schedule, miss the correct time, must act within a certain time frame, or desire an allotted time frame. All these ties to time make us feel a sense of loss in the natural state of living.

However, when we contrast our physical world with nature, we see that nature is astonishingly consistent: it grows over time, pursues its natural course, bears fruit when it is supposed to bear fruit, and repeats itself when the time is right.


Due to our unnatural state, we are simply RUSHING through TIME.

However, due to our unnatural state or how we now live, we try to accomplish things ahead of time. For example, we try to grow vegetables every season, regardless of whether it is the appropriate time for them.

We adopt a wide range of methods to speed up everything: from fast cars to time-saving gadgets, which gives us the impression that our average lifespan has grown. This synchronization and misalignment of time due to our modern lifestyles has created a great deal of anxiety among people.



If we simply look through our lives, we may observe how much time controls us or how much time affects our day-to-day lives. Therefore, if we simply begin to regulate this aspect of our lives, we will gradually relax. And then you’ll see that you’re progressively reverting to your native state of mind being, during which we retain our sense of time.

As our day starts in the early morning, our appetite starts to increase, and by the time the moon appears, it has reached its peak, and again by evening, we are ready for sleep. Thus, like all other natural creatures, humans have a natural cycle and sense of time. However, when we establish a calendar for one week, one month, or one year and tie ourselves to the clock, our lives become disconnected from nature.

To return to our NATURAL STATE, we must stop looking at the clock

To return to our natural state, we must simply stop looking at the clock and begin living according to our natural inclinations as much as possible. If you do this, you will notice that your body’s vital signs start to decrease, such as blood pressure.

This is an experiment you can conduct on yourself and observe the results: stop constantly looking at the time and just act by your natural instincts. Any place where you need to show up on time cannot be substituted for your time alone. The more time constraints you eliminate from your life, the more inclined you will be toward natural living.

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