What is it that Keeps You Going?

What is it that Keeps You Going?

Essential Oil is LOVE

As individuals, we are constantly striving to make our lives better and to feel good about ourselves. We all know that feeling good is very important for living a happy and fulfilling life, but if we take a closer look at all the components that we put together to achieve that good feeling.

They generally fail without the essential oil, and that essential oil is the emotion of love.

LOVE is Both Physical and Metaphysical

As far as the concept of love is concerned, it is both physical and metaphysical. Love something that expressed in words, by forms, by gifts, by various gestures that touch, smell, and arise from various relationships.

The concept of love is also a metaphysical one. Love is a feeling that can only be felt with the heart. As a result, even if you are able to feel it in a physical form, you can feel the feelings of love for food, love for people, love for a moment, love for music and love for smells.

However, if you don’t have that feeling deep down in your heart, then it feels like everything is missing from your life.

LOVE is More  Metaphysical Than Physical

Therefore, I concluded that love is more of a metaphysical phenomenon than a physical one. In my opinion, metaphysical means something which you are able to experience. What does it feel like when you don’t know where, what does it feel like when you can’t even describe how you feel? and that is what keeps you going?

When you have everything that you have aimed for, what you have dreamed of, and you are able to get it, you will make it happen – a house, a car, clothes, your dream job will be put together.

Time to fulfill all the dreams you once had. You can see them clearly in front of you. All of them can be seen through some lonely eyes. Everything misses the point.

Being in LOVE Means Being Yourself

Seeing the eyes filled with love, unsaid, unexpressed, abundant love gives meaning and color to what you see around you, giving it a sense of wholeness and calm. That love is unlimited, indefinite, and there are no limits to it. One of the most important things in life is being in love.

Being in love means being yourself, being who you are, and being true to who you are. In the present time, everything is available to experience, enjoy in a fresh way.

What is it that Keeps You Going? The most important thing to remember is that if you are not in any of these forms, then you are not in love.

Being in love means being in now, being available, being ready to experience, being happy. Thus, this is the most essential oil, which you need to live a life of love.

Thank you, continue to love, be in love, available in now. Read More!

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