Listen to the music of this universe!!


Universe has its own music and it plays on a universal note. The music of the universe is understandable by everyone. However, we have created so much noise, that you cannot listen to this music. That music is ethereal and it brings the best out of you. Your whole purpose to exist is to tune in to that music, to listen to that music, to enjoy that music. When you listen to that music, you have no desire to ask for I want this, this, this’ People who have tuned in to that music, they got way beyond what they thought of asking. 

When you are asking, that means you are not in tune with that music. You are trying to create your own music. And then you ask for this or that, you limit yourself by asking, This is something new, which I learned, earlier I used to think ‘Ask and you shall be given’. Now, after listening to that musical note of this universe, I think you don’t even know what the universe has to offer to you, so why ask?

Just tune in the abundance, just tune in the abundance, and then see what is there for you. Nature has no limits, no boundaries, no definitions, it is vast. You as an individual step out of that natural existence and then ask for things. Do your own capacity only up to which you can see. Just increase your vision, tuning your ears. Tapping to the dance of the universe, you are the only one who is stopping yourself from listening to that music. It is always there. It’s playing all the time. I was so happy to listen to the whisper of that music. And I thought I should share it with you.

I should share it with one at all. Listen to the music of this universe. For that once again, you have to go down the path of silence. Only silence is the place where it echoes the most. Listen to this music in silence and melt in it.


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