Anxiety: ways to cope with it

Fear is also known as ANXIETY

Another name for fear is anxiety, anxiety is something apprehension or some excitement or expectations, anxiety can be in different forms, in different forms in the sense that you might be feeling happy.

Different forms of ANXIETY

But then there is something which is keeping you not at rest, your hormones are rushing faster, and your blood is rushing faster, and you are feeling anxious about, you don’t know what. So that is also anxiety. And then you feel so nervous that you are losing grip on your physical part of the body, your hands are shaking, your feet are sweating, and Your eyes are shaking. So different different physical manifestations, some twitches on the face, and then some muscles are twitching. So, all these are different manifestations of anxiety.

The following are some examples-

And these words are good to describe at least, like how can you label some of the emotions, though it doesn’t make any difference, because what feels or what hurts, that is what matters more when you are sitting somewhere and then you are not feeling comfortable in that particular moment, or particular place, and you want to be somewhere else and do something else, that is also one form of anxiety.

Then also, if you feel that time is being wasted, and you should be doing something, you should get up and clean the house, or you should get up and call someone you should watch TV, and you should do something to keep yourself busy is also a form of anxiety. And then you have you get different different ideas of eating food or going out and eating and going out to go and meet with other people which is in the normal routine, it is okay but then you can’t help it you have to do that you have to go somewhere you have to be in a group that is also anxiety. So, these are all the various forms of anxiety, which are like part of you. And it seems like that’s who you are.

What is the problem with being the way you are?

What is the problem with being the way you are? there’s no problem. Because that is how you recognize yourself. But it is just taking away from you the pleasure of living, the pleasure of living means be wherever you are, you shouldn’t have an urge to be somewhere else, and to do something else. The moment in which you are and the beauty of that. And it’s awareness and the pleasure it brings the smells it has the colors it has. That moment you’re missing on everything and you are chasing something which will be some other time or at some other place. And that’s never going to happen.

This chase will get you nowhere. Anxiety does not let you experience the pleasure that is available in all the moments every time. This can be used as an excuse that keeps you motivated and then you are progressing and you’re reaching somewhere.

But for me personally progress or reaching somewhere means nothing, because there’s no place else other than the place where you are. And that’s where you’re going to be always because we just remain here only, there’s nothing like there we have not found a place which is going to be there it is all here all the time and in now.

The best ways to deal with ANXIETY

So, what is the way to handle anxiety? A very, very simple tip to get rid of these kinds of anxieties, which seem to be you, part of you. When they ask you to run, don’t run, when they ask these emotions ask you to change things. Just digest them. Let them show up in the full capacity and see them disappearing. These emotions or these anxieties, moment you start looking at them and bringing them to your awareness, they just disappear. This running after these anxiety is the unconscious part of you not the conscious part. When you become conscious of what you’re doing, unconsciously, that becomes part of consciousness. Very, very simple solution.

Just observe for some time, what kind of behavior patterns you have gotten into. Moment you observe them, they become you and in your control. And you can turn on and turn off. Have the switch in your control and not switch that you control. Enjoy the present time. Enjoy the pleasure it brings to you live life fully enough.


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