Don’t let your habits control you

Life in itself is a complicated question that cannot be defined in one simple sentence. But what we all agree upon is that it is a bunch of problems put together, and that is what is called life. And we all want to solve problem after problem, and then problems keep on coming; if you have become a problem solver, then you also end up solving other people’s problems along with your own problems.

The hardest problem that anybody has to fight with is their OWN HABITS

The hardest problem that anybody has to fight with is their own habits, their own patterns, which they are unable to break from. And those habits are various, and few of them are known to everyone. And people make fun of you because of your habits. And a few of the habits are only known to you, and you are fighting with them silently and almost all the time. If you get rid of your programming or something called Habits, I think you get lots of energy-free energy. You can pick or drop a habit whenever you want.

Habits are generally picked up by looking at someone you know or your role models; you like them, and then you want to be like them, and then you start acting like them, which becomes your habit. You’re not even aware of at what point in time you decided to be like them. And now that is who you are, and you look like them, you talk like them, you walk and act like them.

Then there are people in your life whom you hate, and you don’t want to be like them surprisingly enough, you pick up their habits or their way of acting too, and sometimes you wonder, oh my god, I can’t believe that I’m acting exactly like the person I hate the most.

There are some habits that you pull on to get through some dangerous situation in your life or some untoward incidents, and then you act in a particular way, which helps you to get through those challenging situations, and your problem gets solved. those habits seem to be habits that have helped you to survive better.

Those are the habits that are the hardest to spot and then leave them. Habits that help you survive certain difficult situations in life have become your dominant character. Even if you want to get rid of them, you cannot.


How to get out of your habits if you want to

A very simple example is of a child who used to bite his nails. And his nail-biting increased to the extent that he started peeling off the skin of his fingers once his nails finished. I was asked to help him. Okay, so let’s make a plan; I suggested to him, “How if you start biting from 9 to 9:15 in the morning and then 12 to 12:15, then three to 3:15, and by the time I was about to say from six to 6:15, He said I don’t think I’m that crazy that I will devote this 15 minutes after intervals of a few hours and will sit down and bite my nails. And that was it. He stopped biting his nails. It might seem that I have made up this story, but I did not.

This happens because the moment you become aware of the habit which you are unknowingly or uncontrollably using. You see the uselessness of that habit, then you say, Oh, I don’t need it anymore. You are just able to get rid of it, not by fighting with it, but kind of, you know, becoming aware of it, that when did I start using this habit, and as a result, now I am being controlled by this habit.

The best way is to make a list of all the habits, habits, which you unknowingly use, and habits that you want to get rid of, and then after making a list of them, you can check out which ones you want to get rid of and then just look at their origin. When did you start using them? And what was the reason at that point in time to start using those habits? And does that reason exist even now, if it doesn’t exist now, and you do not need them?

Now, this is a different moment than that moment. Maybe that habit will slip away from your mannerism. Do not underestimate its value. As I told you, while making a list of all the habits, you will see that you will be able to get rid of a few of them. Enjoy getting rid of some of the habits which are taking away your time and energy and making you feel yucky all the time.


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