Emotional Metabolism

Allow emotional metabolism. Personal transformation is important to have a thriving business. A business leader has to have an intuitive outlook and emotional intelligence.
The digital age has brought us the freedom to bring a great impact with very little money. We are closely connected and can be found out more easily than before. Truth comes up on the surface with technology. Clever business technologies are not going to work in the long term. We have to make sure that our business should reflect us.
We have to continue to work on our mission and goals over and over so that business keeps thriving.
The mission is supreme in the business. You have to be clear on what it is. it needs constant work. I have to connect to myself and have to be in love without stimulus. it is not easy to be fully genuine in the business as business tests your insecurities and fears. i have to know the deeper reason why the business is created in the first place.
Your purpose is the most important as you are there to serve and help. We have to put purpose and prosperity together.
if you have a great deal of pain or stress in terms of financial or emotional terms then you have to work on the deeper reasons for it not working out.
Business is an organism and it needs vitality and a life. The business has to have life and pass on the life. if the people who are running the business are life-deprived then business does not provide life.

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