After Divorce! Gift yourself some time and love


We’re still covering the topic of divorce. And all the views I’m sharing with you are completely my, you know, uninfluenced by anybody else. It’s all my observation, having lived the life of a human being and also observed many people pushing through their life. Now, in all eventualities, divorce had happened, has happened, or is going to happen in any case.

So what are the people, those who are out of divorce now? They just taste newfound freedom. And they just take on a different kind of mindset. And it varies from person to person, a few people, they say they decide, you know, to look for another relationship, and they just try to find out somebody new, who is almost opposite to the person they have lived with, and few people that decide to stay all by themselves and do not want to believe in getting in a new relationship.

All these behaviors stem from losing something very precious or natural, and one can categorize oneself, that he is the victim of the circumstances, or you might come across as a very confident person because it seems like an achievement that you have come out of a relationship now and you won it, and then you can also come across as a victim that you lost it. So in this relationship, there is no win, no loss. We don’t get into this relationship to win or lose; we get in this relationship to be there forever. So it doesn’t go in anybody’s favor.


If you have experienced a breakup or divorce, you should not join groups of similar people

My humble request to people who have been through this relationship break up, whether it is marriage, or a long-term relationship, where you have fallen apart, now do not join groups of similar people. There’s something unique proposition I’m bringing on. Most of the time, people want to hang out with people with the same mindset in similar situations. But that group can be detrimental to you; it can be a group of another person who had been through a similar kind of situation, or it can be a larger group where people hang out with each other, they do mix up a party together, but then the reality is same.

So if you want to change your reality, you must hang out with people with different realities. Otherwise, the same reality will precipitate. I’ve seen people in these groups just become advocates of their doings, and then they affirm and confirm that what they did was right, and if other people have not done that way, or they’re not living the life the way they are living, so they are not conforming to the group’s rules.


Give yourself sufficient time and space when you separate from a relationship

When you separate from a relationship, keep yourself alone, give yourself enough space and time to reflect on what you have been through, and not be part of a group that tells you in the moment of frenzy, despair, grief or loss, or fear. And you think like because it seems, Oh, it is similar to my situation. So these groups are not like alcoholic Anonymous groups, where people support each other in these groups. People encourage each other people to tell each other how. Being in this new reality is the best solution for now. There’s my observation. I’m ready to be proven wrong. I urge upon people, those who come out of this beautiful, beautiful relationship. Go through the loss of it. Locate all the broken pieces you’ve gotten into. Put yourself together with gold.

Enjoy being with yourself, and love yourself

Become one whole being again. Enjoy being with yourself, and love yourself. Nurture yourself, and nourish yourself physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially. All these things together will bring new hopes for a new beginning and life, and your choice will change. You will make different decisions. Give yourself the gift of time and let yourself heal out of it on your own. Or maybe with a counselor or a therapist. There will be no shortcut, no quick fixing. It will take whatever it will take. Give that credit to yourself. Thank you


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