Are you being alone or lonely!!

It is important to understand the difference between being alone and feeling lonely

I meet with many people, those who say that loneliness bothers them. And then being alone is a painful emotion one has to go through, I try to understand what is the difference between being alone or feeling lonely. I don’t think both of them are the same thing.

Loneliness is when you are feeling some kind of separation from others, you do not feel connected to yourself, for that matter or to the world that is loneliness. Being alone can be a better version of loneliness, you are alone is nobody there, but you’re still being with your own self. And then you have that time to yourself and you are being alone.

Loneliness is an emotion that comes out of some kind of vague fears and insecurities when you are not even ready to face your own self

Loneliness is an emotion that comes out of some kind of vague fears and insecurities when you are not even ready to face your own self. And that is what is basically loneliness, one feels scared to face the reality of day-to-day living. It can be a broken relationship with someone or a fear of losing something, or coming to the conclusion that what is it all about, you know, life is meaningless. These are two different things. And one should not confuse both of them.

The easiest way to find out, what does it mean being lonely is to just quietly sneak in and look in your state of mind, and try to feel what you’re feeling. And then you will find that there will be some feeling of loss or disturbance or pending work, which are kind of breaking you apart in pieces. So you don’t have a feeling of being one whole complete vain. So this broken pieces, they feel disconnected. And this being disconnected is the feeling of being lonely. When you get connected to yourself you feel different.

First of all, you get a deep, full breath, and you hang yourself on being alone. Okay, thank God, I’m all by myself, and I’m being with myself. And the other thing is, if you are having those emotions of fear, loss, known fears, unknown fears. Just don’t think about them thinking about them just messes you up more, because thinking is a loop, you get in a loop of thinking, What can I do? What will happen? What if I can avoid it?


Emotions are the primary reason we are here

So, that loop changes you from one kind of thinking to another kind of thinking and as I mentioned earlier also, emotions are the primary reason we are here. So we have to experience the emotions to understand the emotions. Just sit with those emotions of fear or loss known unknown, anxious emotions and then let them come out of yourself and let them come and express themselves in full magnitude whatever it is, do not suppress them or resist them from showing up. Because they want to be seen, presented, and experienced once you experience those emotions, then they start discharging naturally. They start disappearing and when they disappear, you’re left with yourself.

Being alone is being with oneself

Being alone is fun. And being alone is being with yourself, making the best use of whatever is available to you, and experiencing the whole presence of this universe without anybody else’s point of view. So consider this. Are you being alone or lonely? Two different things. Thank you



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