Avoid confusion in life! How?

Confusion is the first step for many diseases to participate

Confusion is the first step for many diseases to participate. And confusion means too many things are happening around you. Because of the number of people you are associated with or the number of work you have decided to start, and the number of life activities you are doing. So if they are not aligned, all those activities work you’re doing, and people in your life, they’re not all aligned with you.

So, they tend to go in different directions if you have family, with whom you’re not aligned, and they tend to go in their direction. And then, as a result, you feel lots of commotion or confusion around you because they all have different ideas or views. You listen to one person, and then you listen to another person; you try to bring harmony among them, and then you fail. This creates confusion in your mind and mindset, and you don’t even know where this will end.

Confusion gives you a unique sensation or feeling that cannot be described. In response to the question, “How do you feel?” the answer is one did not know how one was feeling. This is what is a symptom of confusion.

Managing is a second step once you start something

Managing is a second step once you start something. I’ve seen people, you know, they’re starting things at their whims and fancies; they just decide to do something, and then they start many things, but then the management is so poor, or things are not organized and slowly and steadily again confusion starts.

Then there is another category of confusion that starts if you are a media addict; media addict means social media addict and TV addict, and movie addict.

This brings tons and tons of information which you cannot process, and this information which comes from different sources, may seem entertaining, may seem that you are forgetting yourself in all this, and it is relieving. But after some time, the data overload is so much that confusion sets up. So once confusion sets up specific symptoms you experience, you start making mistakes, stupid mistakes, and things that do not make sense.

You parked the car at the no-parking spot. Then when you get caught up, you say I can’t believe it, I did it, and you start forgetting things; you’ll start losing car keys, forgetting your glasses. You try to think whether you have taken your pills or not. You get out of the house; you don’t lock the house; you are still wondering whether you locked it or not should you go back and check? So, these are small, small things, but then when they happen several times.

Stupidity leads to more confusion

Stupidity leads to more confusion, and confusion becomes anxiety because you start worrying about things. Whether I did it or didn’t do it? can I reach there on time? Is she going to come? Can we make it? So, those kinds of things are the precursors of now, emotions getting confused, feelings getting confused. In one day or one hour, how many different kinds of emotions you go through, you are not sure you are emotionally very unstable, you become very, very happy, you become very sad. These emotional highs and lows are also examples of confusion.

How can you get out of it?

How can you get out of it? I will say, this is a slow process once again. And it needs lifestyle change; lifestyle change minimizes social media exposure; that will be the first step. I will recommend it because even if you’re laying in bed, you’re thinking or relaxing. When you turn on the TV, and then you keep watching one thing after the other. And then you’re on your smartphone, again, watching things for hours. You are thinking that you are relaxing, and that will be the number one thing to cut off completely from the source of entertainment, or excitement, TV, or smartphone. And I think that will take care of the first step.

The second step is, you know, to sort out your relationships that are not helping or not aligning with your way of thinking or way of living. Just pause, and put a pause on those relationships for some time till you get out of confusion.

And also, limit the number of activities you do in a day. And if you cannot, then please start managing them. Once you have done one task, always put down what you accomplished in that. What is missing, and what more needs to be done. That will keep you on track. And as a result, you will be more focused on whatever work you’re doing.

Learn to solve this riddle of your own life with your effort

I think this is enough for today or for now. Because you have to sit down and start spotting. And whether you’re confused, anxious or worrying or afraid, or having vague pains or aches, or headaches. All these things boil down to having too much on your plate. Too many things happen at one particular time, but not in the same direction. So, learn to solve this riddle of your own life with your effort and sit down. And take a pen and paper and start listing things and sort them out. So, that there is less and less confusion. See how therapeutic it will be.


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