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For holistic healing, people have been using various therapies

For holistic healing, people have been using various therapies. And to name a few of them are acupuncture, acupressure, Eastern medicine, Indian medicine, and Ayurveda. Chinese herbal medicines, Reiki energy healing, crystal healing, balancing the chakras, and EFT names can be added on, and on. And people use one service, and then they use another service. And sometimes they get confused in all these services and do not know the headway out of it. Healing someone or healing yourself needs patience and patience. Following the process and going through it one step at a time.


Healing someone or healing yourself needs patience

I have always tried to look at things differently and understand what everybody tries to do. When they are offering healing in all these different forms, they’re addressing you. They’re basically talking to you, nurturing and supplementing food in your body. And making you understand how food and you interact; that’s why herbs and medicines have become part of healing.

There is a conventional way of healing that is pretty symptomatic. And the symptomatic form is when you match the pill with the ill and see the symptoms. Then take any medication which can subdue those symptoms. And not handling the symptoms is cure you of those symptoms. But somehow manage those symptoms, then keep on managing lifelong. And that is a term they use sometimes I ask how long the life remains, once you start managing symptoms.


Other systems, which sometimes you know do not have any explanation. Like reiki energy healing, acupuncture, and acupressure, have their school of thought, and they deal with you and the body.

When I address somebody’s healing process, I first try to understand from where that person is coming and how he is living his day-to-day life. What does he do in his free time? And what does he stand for? What are his value systems? And what thoughts is he carrying? Who does he follow, and with what lens is he looking the life? And if there are many perspectives one person is looking at on life? So, all those perspectives may not be aligned together, and as a result, there is confusion.

Confusion is the first step of disease

Confusion is the first step of disease. When you start getting confused, then dis-ease starts, dis-ease is a disease. My first task is to take somebody out of confusion in his or her life. I just check with them how many are addressing their life, how many ways they go at one particular moment, how many people are influencing their life, and how many chapters they have opened up in their life that they are reading simultaneously.


Confusion is the first step when healing goes out of the window. We have to sort out the confusion as the first step of healing. And then you use any system of therapy which I mentioned earlier. But in case life will not sort out and confusion is not taken care of, none of the therapy remains as effective as it is claimed.

So, if you are listening to this or you reading the blog, I have translated this to look at all the various aspects of your life from where the confusion is emerging, close some windows of your life plus some chapters, which are not necessary to read close some relationships plus some engagements so, that there are not too many random particles in your life running in all directions at one particular moment.


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