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What You Are Destined to | Karma- Soul Body Healing Center

Let’s now talk about an unresolvable concept that has engrossed the minds of mankind forever: Destiny. Some believe in destiny, others don’t. However, whether one believes in destiny or not, at some point in our lives, most people wonder why particular incidents happen in life over which we have no control. Most people believe that whatever happens, happens so we should not worry about it in advance.

We spend our lives cautiously ensuring that we make appropriate decisions at an appropriate time. But if we look at our lives, did everything happen the way we wanted it to be?

No, it just happened the way it had to happen.

When we see the lives of people around us, we observe that despite being cautious, their life took its turn, which they did not expect.
But what happens when you encounter a life incident you didn’t expect?

You simply learn to adjust accordingly because whatever comes to you, you learn to stand up to it, bear it, remember to face it, and then it doesn’t matter. We go with the flow of life, and this is natural living.

But, in my perspective, I believe that we do have control over our life and we can change the course and direction of our life. But how? For this, we need to understand what Karma is and how our approach affects our life.
In life, we’ve all heard if you do good acts, good karma will reward you. If you do bad acts, bad karma will punish you.

Several prominent Indian saints have written books on karma

Several prominent Indian saints have written books on karma. The wisdom shared by the saints and philosophers is so vast that the reader overwhelmed by the vast expanse of their knowledge, and hence, most such books become bestsellers. Although it seems enlightening, the answers one gets from them are quite complicated. My question for the reader is, what is the take-home message from these books?
Because the majority of answers one receives are quite complicated, the purpose of this discussion is to present readers with an easy take on Karma. And how they can find solutions easily to the problems they face in life.

Karma has been used to motivate good deeds, and people understand karma differently.

The Hindu philosophy is entirely centered on karma. Which means that they should do whatever they can to create good karma, and if they create bad karma, they will suffer the repercussions. It is good karma, for example, if you feed the poor or cross a blind man’s path. The purpose of good karma constantly do good deeds so that one day you are rewarded.

But when you do bad karma by doing something that shouldn’t done, you spend your entire life defending yourself. For example, when you tell lies, to make yourself believe that your lie is actually for the betterment of many people and is not bad karma, you keep defending yourself.

We must aim at accumulating good karma to profit from it in the future

In conclusion, we must aim at accumulating good karma to profit from it in the future. As I thought about the idea, I thought about the connections I’ve made with people throughout this life. I had envisioned the relationships developing a certain way, but they didn’t. All the actions I took in that relationship produced no results. We all face such situations in life.

What happens when things like this happen over and over again?

When we repeatedly try for things to go a certain way and they don’t, we give up and stop caring about it. Hence, we start saying: I’m mature. I have learned life’s lessons. When I thought about the concept of Karma, I looked at all the relationships I’ve had in this lifetime. You must do that too.

When you look at those relationships, you see how complicated they are: They may have ended abruptly or didn’t go where you wanted them to, like getting married to the person you liked or getting along well with your sibling. There are a lot of things that you expected to happen, but they didn’t. It completely changes your way of thinking about living, so you just become apathetic about life, and you handle things as they come. Likewise, I looked at different parts of my life where things did not materialize the way I wanted..

That was a little upsetting. Do you know why?

As the concept of karma states that you always get what you give, It made me wonder if things didn’t materialize the way I wanted them to because of my ‘karma’ (my past actions). In other words, if it did not happen the way I wanted, I was responsible for it. We’ve all thought something similar when we don’t get what we want. thinking leads to more thoughts and one gets lost in thoughts.

Instead of thinking if I look at those different memories of my relationship, the memories started going away: they didn’t catch my attention anymore. I got bored of looking at them. Then I thought about the present, which allowed those memories of the past to fade. And I asked myself,

“Why do you want to hold on to all those memories?”

Realizing this wasn’t a small achievement for me. It was a big achievement for me in the sense that we keep all those memories and call them experiences and wish to learn from that experiences for our future needs.

We do not need these memories or karma to dictate our future, there is some frequency of energy around us that can help us learn how to act wisely. The only thing you have to do is tune in and ask yourself, ” Which way of acting would satisfy me?”
If you ask this question, the universe will tell you the exact answer, no matter your problem.

Sometimes the universe will take a while to give you the right answer, and you may get several answers that don’t seem to make sense. If you don’t get the right answer, you just have to tell the universe, “That was the wrong answer. What is the correct answer?” And, you will see the right answer coming to you.

Also, you must remember that whenever you act, it should be effortless and energetically aligned. If it not aligned, you experience a wide range of emotions such as why, how, when, and what your emotions are in response to a prior incident, experience, or relationship. And then you try to find answers in our past, which is past karma.
However, I do not believe that such a thing exists. What exists is the knowledge present in the universe, which you can access anytime. When you start using it, it will give you multiple answers, just like Google, but you need to figure out which one is the right one. A simple answer that aligns with the question is the right answer.

Understanding Karma Through the Path of Least Resistance

Taking the Buddha’s path of least resistance, let us now understand Karma.
Before enlightenment, Buddha experienced separation from himself, which he called illusion or Maya. He realized that he could not free until the illusion removed. His illusion, however, made him feel as though he were nothing without it. He became the Buddha, the enlightened, only after the illusion was removed.

A fable states that after he gained enlightenment, his enemy once shot at him with arrows, but when they struck him, the arrows turned into flowers. The reason for this is that he offered no resistance.

However, this is not how we react to our everyday lives. When something occurs, or someone says something to you, you respond with resistance, hoping to escape, deflect, or prepare for what is approaching. The things you have made and the opinions you have formed about yourself.

The universe, the sun, the moon, and the earth make up the illusion, and karma is that illusion. As long as you believe in karma, these eventually become your karma. The beliefs you have formed about yourself become firmly enshrined in your subconscious mind and start controlling your actions and your life.

‘Karma’: The Cycle

In the cycle of karma, if you do an action and it is completed, it becomes enlightenment or wisdom, and it is part of the universe. Incomplete actions, which don’t go according to plan, become dispersed energy, which makes no sense, and you spend your entire life trying to make sense of it. There is wholeness and wisdom in the universe.

All the knowledge exists here in this universe, and nothing goes anywhere. To get the answer, you must quiet and in alignment with the universe to tune in and get that knowledge. It’s only a question of being in the present and not thinking about what happened in the past. But, if you’re never here or in the present moment, you miss the beauty of ever-present knowledge and wisdom.
Every time I have a question in my mind, I tune in, and I receive an answer.
Similarly, all of us are conduits for knowledge.

Karma is used as a marketing tool.

Karma books are bestsellers

There is a lot of interest in reading, understanding, and commenting on it. Why not take your time to find the answer from within if the question is in you and the answer is in you? Who else can tell what is good and what is bad for you? Having more wisdom does not require you to go anywhere. All of us endowed with wisdom. As a whole, we are complete.

If you have A problem or situation for which you need a solution, all you have to do is ask the universe for the right answer. At some point or another, we all do it. The knowledge you seek will come to you as you follow this path. You don’t need to go to other mentors, teachers, or books since they gather it from the universe and customize it to suit their style.
How is it that when we read a book, we relate closely to its meaning and feel that it applies to us? It happens because we have inherent wisdom within us, which makes us feel one with the answer.

In my opinion, ‘karma’ or ‘what goes around, comes around is used by people to scare or control others.

If you strongly believe in this, it does happen, and if you do not, then it does not. Simple.

When people have good karma, they feel proud of themselves. Sitting quietly and listening to the accomplishments of people who have performed good karma is a good way of getting to know them. But every time someone talks about their good karma to people, for instance, about the people they have helped in the past, it means that they are in the past and not in the present. The mere thought of doing good karma ends the motive of doing good actions. In my view, karma is what one does in the present time, becoming a part of the universe’s infinite knowledge.

Buddha could decompose and recompose. Likewise, we all have that power in us if we are in the present time.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s good or bad karma; in both cases. You get stuck in your past and can’t move forward by analyzing, thinking, or feeling proud of your past actions. Read More!

Harness the Power and Wisdom Within You

It is important to realize that you have this power and wisdom. Understanding this brings you freedom and certainty that knowledge and solutions will be available when you need them. But there are filters around you that stop you from receiving these answers.

When you get an answer, you don’t accept it readily as you don’t trust the answer you have received. We distrust the answers we receive because we have learned to question, object, and compare everything we come across. For example, suppose you are searching for a car and have a particular type in your mind. While searching, you find many offers but you still do not find the exact car you are looking for.

Finally, because you didn’t give up, you will find the exact car you were looking for at the same price. The same thing happens if you are looking for a house and find the exact house you were looking for, both in terms of price and location. How does that happen? This is a contribution by the universe, because it knows you more than you know yourself.

Additionally, since we are part of the universe, there is always an exchange of information between us. Therefore, whatever wisdom you learn simply absorbed into the universe. In this way, knowledge continues to circulate.

In What Form Does the Universe Exist?

According to some people, the universe doesn’t exist, and our emotions aren’t real either, but it feels like it exists because of our thoughts and actions. To them, I would say this: If we look at the internet. Does it have a form? No, you cannot see the form of the internet, but the internet is an energy transferring from one cable to another. The same goes for energy. You can see it exists only when the bulb lights up. Those are the imprints of energy particles that come to you. Nobody has to define it or give a name to it.

But that’s how we always feel- because of ever-changing waves or frequencies. You feel that energy coming into you when you stand in the Sun, which you call heat energy. A plant takes it, grows up, and changes into fruit or seed. Knowledge, experience, and wisdom gained by people are eventually written in books and are read in those books.

If You Look At Yourself And Think About Who You Are, Do You Think You’ve Done Good Or Bad Karma?

The first lesson we need to learn is that people forget all their actions, no matter how good or bad after they complete them and return to the present time. They know what they’ve done, but the action over before they realize how good or bad it was. This tendency to not think about an action after it has been completed, whether good or bad, a natural state of being.
We go through various steps every time we act, but once it is complete, it no longer exists.

However, we keep reminding ourselves about it, writing it down, or taking pictures of it to make it permanent. As a result, we become absorbed in action we have taken.
It is easy for people to get caught up in the illusions they’ve created for themselves. It has been difficult for me to break free from the illusions I have created for myself.

Whenever I feel proud of how well I understand any meaning or concept I’ve been aiming to understand, I remind myself that such a feeling, too, is an illusion. Nevertheless, every time I comprehend life’s meaning, I feel lighter. In fact, as I become lighter, I realize just how light I can become. Each day we compare our perception of life with the day before. Our way of thinking is evolving every day.

How do you define bad karma?

I We won’t use the terms ‘good karma’ or ‘bad karma’. Whenever you regret doing something after you done it. It gets stuck in your head and must therefore avoided. The act of convincing yourself that an action is right and struggling to accept that it was the right one is not something you should engage in. When you resist accepting actions you’ve done or any action that irritates or bothers you. It a non-essential value and gets stuck in your mind. Obviously, this shouldn’t the case, and these actions should avoided.

Are there instances in which we act in a way that benefits us, such as negotiating with someone to lower the price of a certain item?

For instance, if you tricked someone and bought a car from him for a lesser price, you start wanting more such things from the universe. This becomes a normal thing for you because you feel that as everybody does it, there is nothing wrong in it.

If you do not fully process the energy of manipulation, it will circle in your head and become the norm: You must remember that whatever energy you are on, you bring the same energy back over and over. You will pull in people those who manipulate you and harass you. This will further your belief in it being normal process and you will never be able to come out of this vicious circle.

Coming back to how energy influences your actions, I suggest: that

You must balance your energy to be able to make the right decision and take appropriate actions. This balance means getting to the state of zero, the state of least resistance. And the state of least resistance is being ‘here’ in the present. Being ‘here’ in sync with the energy all around.

We can spend our time talking about the proof of energy’s existence, regardless of whether it exists or not. However, here it goes beyond simply proving it to anyone, it’s between you and the universe, since you are just a part of it. There is no separation between you and the universe.

In a state of zero action, the action is neither good nor bad. The action is simply over. As long as you keep thinking about it. You will always  forced to justify it, whether it is good or bad. In order for something to happen over and over again, you need to repeat the same thing over and over again. Read More Blog


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