Love Energy | Love is a Pure Energy, It Just Flows

It is said that love is an emotion which is best experienced by someone. Who is free from inhibitions and suppression as well as compulsions and obsessions. The energy of love is pure and unadulterated. It just flows, it is difficult to stop its flow.

It is a fact that love is natural for Being and Being is full of love. Which is a source of abundance for Being. As a matter of fact, it just increases manifold, when it is in its purest form. This is when a being changes its form and becomes a human being. And when the human being assumes the form or shape of the body.

When that happens, the body becomes a physical object, and that physical object occupies some space in itself. In other words, two physical objects are occupying the same space. But they cannot be occupying the same space at the same time. As a result, we are separated from each other. When we are human beings, since the physical nature of our existence separates us from each other.

As soon as we enter the realm of love, physical space starts to fade, and love brings us closer to each other.

The power of LOVE enables us to live in a state of oneness with one another

Love brings us into a state of oneness in which we are one. This is like bubbles in the water, merged into each other, indistinguishable from one another, just looking alive. That is the nature of love. But in the human world because of our physical appearance, we are separated. Accordingly, this distance between two physical bodies keeps on increasing, depending upon whether there is a disagreement between them, and it decreases when there is an agreement between them.

The energy of love is a healing energy | Love Energy

As a result, in order for there to be true love, a lot depends on whether two bodies or two human beings have more or fewer agreements. Therefore, the energy of love is a healing energy. This is the real energy. That is who we are. Whenever we find ourselves in a situation. Where we are disagreeing, arguing, getting into debates, discussions, or putting forward our own points of view at the cost of other people’s points of view. We have crossed the line. Our pure energy dilutes, love decreases. We want to be apart from one another.

There is an increasing sense of separateness that develops into hatred as it continues to grow. The feeling of hatred is just a different form of love. It can said that having more love, or having close proximity, can an immortal idea because once all of us are out of our bodies. And we are all in a non-physical reality, we are all one with each other in the same way that we are one with the universe.

Therefore, when we exist in physical reality, it is extremely significant for us to acknowledge, agree with, and admire each other. This will increase our love for one another. There are many types of love: love in groups, love between parents and children, love between couples and the love between spouses. This is why it is essential to consider the idea of having more agreement than disagreement to experience the pure energy of love.  Read More!

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