Third person in your marriage

People should keep their things private to themselves

In marriage, people should keep their things private to themselves. And there should be some confidentiality clause. There, whatever happens between both of them will not be shared with anybody else.

Mostly, I’ve seen that families come in quietly in marital relationships. You are upset with your spouse and feel like talking to somebody else. Who is not a counselor, or a therapist, for that matter? But a good friend of yours, or a very close family relation. And you discuss the recent upset you had in your married life. Now this other relationship, who is now your confidant, and you’re confiding, you’re upset with him? Or she is your well-wisher. And he or she feels that he or she should take site with you and make you feel better? And he should say, yeah, you would, you’d it was right. And what else could you have done? This is the best one will do. Had I been in your situation, I would have done the same. And, oh, really, this is how it happened with you. This is not okay.


If you are having a dispute with your spouse, you should never involve a third party

So, this person who is your well-wisher, your best friend, your closest family relation is insidious with all his good intentions and is turning you against your partner. Because the way you are expressing your upset is your point of view, and you want to get it justified by sharing it with somebody else. So I call these people, those who are not a witness to the upset but have joined later on to give their expert opinion on the matter. As third parties, you are the first and second party, and here is the third party who can be your best friend, your closest relationship. And then, sometimes, it can be a therapist or a counselor because he just said you’re right, And that triggers the fight.

You should observe the confidentiality of the relationship

Most of the time when two people are fighting with each other, when I say most of the time, I mean, almost 100% when two people are fighting, two nations are fighting. Two groups are fighting two political parties are fighting. Some external sources always egg them on and tell them that you’re right, what you’re doing is right, and this is the way to go. And that continues the fight. It doesn’t stop the fights continue. It starts with arguments, debates, separations, and sometimes wars. So, observe the confidentiality of the relationship. Never ever share your personal details, personal relationships, or whatever transpires between the two of you with anybody else outside that relationship. And you will find that in no time. You, people, couple. The married partners have become sworn enemies of each other.

It is always advisable to resolve your personal dispute on your own

And both the partners’ marital partners have their well-wishers supporting them to go on and fight. So observe the confidentiality and privacy of this relationship at all costs. Do not share your marital disputes with other people in the name of friendship, relation, or well-wishers. Always solve between both of you. Thank you


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