Be the light, Be the sound

light and sound

“I am the light and I am the sound.”

My mind keeps going back and forth between these two sentences. Many people are looking for an answer to this question: Who am I?

But they find different definitions to the question ‘Who am I?’ every time. Today when I asked myself ‘Who am I?’ 

These two lines came to my mind- “I am the light, I am the sound”. 

Then I thought if I’m the light and if I am the sound,  where am I lost?

I developed a technique I call ‘AAO’- ‘Arrive at Origin’ which involves observing silence where you just watch yourself, you just become an onlooker, a spectator.

Once you find yourself, you see the light, then you become the light. As you discover yourself in this journey, the first thing you encounter is your presence as light, and once that light opens up, you realize that you are the sound, the vibration, which goes beyond auditory frequency, which is the sound-that is the light.

At that point, you would be so lost in the external light and external sound that you wouldn’t be able to hear or see yourself.

 Initially, there was a sound, and that sound echoed throughout us all. In the beginning, there was light and that light reflected on all of us.

 When we start looking for light and sound outside, we get lost. It is essential that we live as light and sound. This is a journey of arriving at your origin – ‘AAO’. It is here that we find our origin. Live to the fullest- “Be the light, Be the sound”. 

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