Stress caused by chemicals

Talking about stress management in continuation of different kinds of stresses, we do not think that they are stressed, but they are stresses. So, today I will like to address something called stress caused by chemicals in our life.

Contaminated Food

Chemicals are a kind of quick-fix solution to fast-paced life things, which can get the work done in less amount of time are the chemicals which have taken precedence in our life, starting from the chemicals in the form of manure, which we add to the growing plant, so, that it grows faster than its normal pace of growth as a result, this chemical comes in already along with the food and I will call that as contaminated food and then that food you consume and it has more harmful effects than the useful effect of the food value.

So, these chemicals are in so many different forms, and sometimes these chemicals are added more than the value allowed by the regulatory departments.

Then, there are chemicals which are being used to increase the shelf life of the food products, like for example, milk, milk doesn’t go back for say 10 days. And if I remember using milk, in my growing period, it will go stale in two to three days, we had to boil it x the number of times, so that it remains good for at least one or two days. That is also increasing the shelf life of all other things like jams and jellies and butter. And things which do not go bad for a longer period of time are being contaminated with some chemicals. So that their taste, and smell, continue to be the same for all those days.

Chemical infested

Well, if you look at living food, how can it remain fresh over an extended period of time every day the living food, dies a little bit. So, that way also we have lots of chemicals going in us from all the different products, which we put in our refrigerators or we try to keep them for a longer duration, we buy in bulk, just thinking that rates are less if you buy in bulk cheaper, and then we keep it for longer durations. So that is also chemical infested.

And then if we look at our laundry products and the dishwashers and detergents, and the soaps, all these things are also again infested with chemicals because then these chemicals add brightness and whiteness, and they clean they make lots of froth and people like it and they are scented with different chemicals, no pure smells. So, this also rules your kitchen and your clothes and your laundry, your sheets everything is chemically infested.

Chemicals are responsible for all these reactions in the body

These are the chemicals which we buy and use knowingly. And then there are chemicals which are mixed up in the air in the form of pollutants. Or because of various emissions of all the vehicles and other factories in an area. These chemical emissions are in the air. So these chemical products are causing lots of unnecessary additions to our life. So when you have these chemicals over an extended period of time.

This accumulation of the chemical in the body, causes stress on the hormonal system and also on the digestive system. So the body feels stressed, and it affects mood. And as a result, this mood keeps showing up in all the various life activities, your ache some, you fight with people, you’re tired, your performance is low, and you’re not efficient. And for so many things, chemicals are the cause based on which all these reactions are happening to you. You try to have a chemical-free life.

I did lots of research on various products

I did lots of research on various products. And as a result, I have my kitchen free of chemicals. My laundry free of chemicals, my lipsticks free of chemicals, and my hair color. Thank God that there are so many people who are conscious of the bad effects or side effects of these chemicals. And they are making these products which are free from chemicals. And if you want to do more study or education. Then you will see that there are so many things which you can make at home. And they will be all free from chemicals. So, stay tuned in we will talk more about the importance of chemicals in our lives. And then how they are adding to the stress of day-to-day living.


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