Own Your Achievements to Find Who You Are

Be in Tune with Yourself and Own Who You Are

Until you own your achievements and appreciate yourself for them, you will not be able to feel confident that you can achieve them again.

In my quest for self-realization and discovering who I truly am, I came across a subject that is frequently overlooked and avoided for the sake of simplicity and courtesy: accepting ownership of all your acts, deeds, and qualities.

For the sake of humility, we have been taught that we must forsake ownership of our accomplishments and good deeds in our minds. But what we don’t realize is that not taking ownership of these acts, deeds, and qualities stops us from exploring our potential and recognizing who we are.  Although it will take time for us to own our achievements, we must start doing it for finding out who we truly are.


EXPERIENCE the feeling of owning your ACHIEVEMENTS and VIRTUES.

To give you an example from my own life, when I wanted to be proud of my accomplishments, others would tell me that I shouldn’t be too pleased since things never happen as planned.

And this thought that we should not be too pleased with our accomplishments since ‘things never go as planned’ is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we lose confidence in our abilities and accomplishments. This makes us think that we will not be able to accomplish them again. We also commonly hear that we must feel lesser about ourselves as there is always scope for improvement.

Analyze yourself: Recognise if you live with the feeling that you’ve accomplished enough in life or if you feel the urge to accomplish more in life.

Recognition of your life’s accomplishments, assets, and capabilities.

It’s possible that you don’t want to achieve more because someone told you not to be proud of what you’ve done, and you chose to disregard and ignore what you’ve done. You accept the denial because others managed to convince you that you lack the necessary capabilities and competencies.

Worse, you might have let yourself accept it because you’re not sure of yourself. However, we must remember that recognizing your life’s accomplishments, assets, and capabilities takes time. Getting used to owning your achievements is like moving from an apartment to a house: it takes time to get used to it.

It also dawned on me that I didn’t let myself experience the happiness I could have felt because of my achievements. Whenever someone congratulated me on my accomplishments, I would thank them but never felt what I had accomplished. However, I realized that we must take a minute to reflect on what others are saying about us and allow that feeling to settle in. We should stop denying ourselves the acclaim we receive from others, and we must feel pleased with our life’s achievements.


Remember that we must allow ourselves to ABSORB THE COMPLIMENTS that people give us.

We must allow ourselves to absorb the compliments that people give us. For instance, if you attend a party and someone compliments you on your appearance, you must let the compliment sink in. Now and then, we believe that the person admires us for the sake of it but the fact is that we ourselves do not allow the sentiment to sink in.

According to me, if you yourself do not take ownership of things nobody else is going to help you take the ownership. You must completely own your space for others to recognize it as yours. When you own your space, you communicate to the world that you belong, that you believe in your worth, and that you provide every chance for yourself to shine, this allows people to build a favorable opinion of you.


Build the CONFIDENCE that you can achieve your accomplishments again.

You must mentally own your accomplishments because only when you own them will you be able to get rid of other people’s apprehensions about you and feel secure and confident in yourself.

If you build the confidence that you can achieve them again, you will continually strive to keep achieving more and more. But, if you don’t appreciate yourself and own your success, not only will you lose your confidence, you start taking things casually because you are afraid of failure in the future.

You must spend some time alone with yourself and allow all the wonderful moments of your life to unfold before you. Simply by experiencing ownership, you will see how dramatically your mentality shifts, and your sleepiness, exhaustion, and lethargy that result from being disconnected from yourself begin to diminish!


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