“Metaphysical Perspectives on Parenting: Nurturing the Being in Your Child”


Today, I had the thought that I should start talking to parents- ‘would- be parents’, and ‘those who are already going through the process of parenting’. I strongly believe that parents should be educated in their role as parents, but this education should come from a metaphysical perspective. It shouldn’t be based on simplistic guidelines like “five steps to becoming a good mother” or “ten ways to manage your child.” Such approaches reduce parenting to mere training, akin to how one might train an animal.

 But over here we are talking about a spiritual being, who has arrived in our small body, and decided to stay with you, to be part of your family. 

When you are parenting, when you’re still a parent, you’re always parenting. My education for the parents is from a metaphysical point of view. Metaphysical means, from the spiritual aspect, I’m not talking about how to train a human being, I’m talking about how to train yourself, how to train yourself as parents, to treat or to deal with a being, a being to being interaction is the focus area of my education for parents. 

When you become a parent, you think it is a physical process, and you get together and you produce another physical body, and another physical body has its own milestones. When it starts opening its eyes, breathing, feeding, and then learning different milestones of growth, smiling, and recognizing, I do not see it in the same light. 

And I want you to see, in the light, I’m going to reflect on you as a parent, you have to look at your new one, or your child in the context of being who has arrived. After a number of years of experience, he already knows way more than you. The only thing is, he is physically dependent on you. So he deserves all the respect and regard which you give to any person who visits your house, your home, and how respectful you are to them.

Parents generally have a mixed approach to bringing up their children. Sometimes they want to treat them and deal with them exactly opposite to the way they were treated and dealt with when they were growing up. They want to completely rebuild that process. Sometimes they want to completely follow the same process. Sometimes they come up with a new idea on how to be a parent and for that, there are so many handy ready-made rules. 

I don’t think any of them are important to be a parent. For you to be a parent, you have to recognize that you are also a spiritual being in the physical body. This interaction with the child has to be on the being-to-being level- where you give admiration to the being, you respect the being, you acknowledge the being and then you make it a mutually learning experience between you and the child. 

This approach makes parenting considerably smoother because it fosters mutual understanding. So, whether you are in the process of becoming a mother or father, or you are already a parent, the initial step is to formally introduce yourself to your child. Share with them who you are, where you come from, your occupation, your role, and what you will be doing for them as a parent.

That formal introduction may sound funny or silly. But once you do it, you will see the difference in that person’s small body behavior and expectations from you.

 And then the second step is to give orientation to this new being who is in this physical body.  Make him familiar with the whole house, show him all the rooms, all the furniture, and where he is going to be with all the other people in the house. Tell him which part of the planet Earth is in now, what kind of weather you will be expecting, and what kind of other eventualities can happen so that he knows where he is, who he is with, and what is to be expected.

 We will continue but then these are three important points from my perspective as a metaphysical counselor. To help you understand that the basic equation is between beings, not human beings. That is the apparent cycle of living, but the real cycle of living is the energetic interaction between all of us.

At Soul Body Healing Center in Fremont, we provide a unique approach to parenting education – one that’s deeply rooted in metaphysics, focusing on the spiritual connection between you and your child.

Our perspective emphasizes treating your child as a fellow being, with respect, admiration, and mutual learning. We encourage parents to move away from the rigid guidelines of traditional parenting and see the child as a spiritual entity physically dependent on them. This shift in mindset makes parenting a smoother and more fulfilling journey, fostering mutual understanding and respect.

We believe that the foundation of life is built on the energetic interaction between all beings, and we’re here to guide you through this unique and transformative journey. Join us at Soul Body Healing Center in Fremont to embark on a holistic and spiritually enriching parenting experience.


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