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Sleeping disorders have become a very serious problem with sufferers all around the globe. The blue light from our smart-phones, smoking and drinking addictions and stress reduce serotonin in our bodies. Lack of sleep leads o irritation, weight gain, bad skin and hair, and can also lead to depression. Popping pills is another various addiction cycle. The best way is to approach sleeping problems in a more holistic way. Here is a list of food products that help induce sleep naturally-

Ditch the white- white bread, pasta, sugary treats can seriously harm your health and is known to reduce serotonin. Switch to healthier crabs like whole-wheat, nut butter, eggs, soy milk. If you have mid-night cravings snack on some wholesome nuts or drink a glass of warm soy or almond milk.

Tea- organic tea like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger helps you relax and calms your overactive imagination. Sip on a cup of tea before bedtime to enjoy undisturbed sleep.

Figs- figs will not only curb your sweet tooth it also packs in fiber to feel you feel satiated through the night. Figs help with muscle relaxation and therefore are your secret weapon to blissful slumber.

Nutty- a tablespoon of nut-butter like peanut butter or almond butter before bed helps pack in protein and leads to better sleep.

Chocolate love- have some dark chocolate to increase serotonin in your body. dark chocolate has many other health benefits as well. Make sure to buy chocolate that has less sugar and milk solids.

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