SNIPPETS OF ‘AAO : Arrive at Origin’ Workshop – Day 4


‘AAO: Arrive at Origin’ Workshop 

SNIPPETS OF DAY 4: Relieving Your Stress

On Day 3, it was discussed that all our problems will be programmed and processed by our minds when we sit in silence. Hence, we must let all the thoughts of our minds be processed in their entirety until we reach the state of thoughtlessness.

Before reaching this statewhen you observe silence, you will realize that so many things in your mind need to be processed. For instance, you might start contemplating why a certain person said something to you or behaved in a particular manner. The simplicity of the process is that it allows people who encounter several rushing thoughts to process all the thoughts they have and let those thoughts settle down just like sand settles down after the wind blows.

However, this is where a new hike of the journey begins in which many things can be experienced suddenly. For instance, for some people, the stress changes its form into a band of anger, which is a band of high energy. Stress is like a physical weight on us, but we do not realize the amount of stress that gradually builds up in us. It may be very less in magnitude, but we may spend the entire day managing it. This signifies how sensitive we are in terms of energy. We cannot take a speck of any stress and anxiety on us, but we accept that this is the way of life. As we undergo so much stress, we absorb everything. We hence do not even realize that we are under a new stressful condition.

Day 4 allowed the participants to let go of the excessive exertion they put on themselves.

How can we let go of the excessive exertion we put on ourselves?

We have to disintegrate this “who”, “the Artificial You”, who knows everything and tells you what is good and bad. This “Who- The Artificial You”, which you think is the “Real You”, needs to unlearn the lessons and concepts that determine the meaning of everything around you.  

Most of us are educated in a manner that involves an indoctrination of ready-made solutions to our problems. Yet, these solutions do not always help us resolve the problem. Also, when we are upset or puzzled, we overload ourselves with exploring answers and gaining knowledge from as many sources as possible. As a result, in desperation, we start accepting answers from any source. Everyone else around us appears wiser than ourselves. Everyone has a different perspective and suggests various solutions. By doing so, we ignore the fundamental instinct and knowledge with which we have been blessed and which we may master through observation and faith. 

Experiences of the Participants

By day 4, the participants became used to the silence and reached a plateau where everything seemed peaceful and controllable. They felt a little distressed, and the journey seemed pretty uneventful. This signifies their journey toward ‘thoughtlessness’.


  1. Your face is the best index to know how much stress you are going through.
  2. When you sit in silence for an hour, you might question yourself, ‘What did I do for an hour?’, the answer to which will be ‘nothing’. This ‘nothing’ might be disturbing for you, but, in fact, doing and being ‘nothing’ is the real answer to the reason for our existence. And when we realize and accept this ‘nothingness’ is when we can be free from stress.
  3. By observing silence, we realise that it is not acceptable to live in stress. In other words, we refuse to allow ourselves to believe that ‘stress is a part of our daily lives and ‘is it common in today’s society to live in stress’.
  4. The next step would be to gradually move to our purest form, in terms of energy, so that we can release it whenever we encounter any stress.

( Portions of this text have been taken from the lectures delivered by Dr. Alka Chopra Madan in her weekly Zoom meetings). You can book an appointment online and offline session with her.


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