“Imprisoned in your attitude!”

What is an ATTITUDE?

What is an ATTITUDE? We all have our attitudes, and you recognize other people by their attitudes. Attitude means you’re leaning towards something in a particular way. You think like you’re educated. You think like your teacher; you think like your culture, you think like your religion, or you think like, you know, who you are. So, the attitude has various connotations, but then people use it differently. And they say that person has an attitude and we should not have an attitude.


But for me, when I look at the word attitude, I mean, is that how you think about things and, you know, what are your criteria about looking at certain things, how you evaluate, okay, this is good, because one has to evaluate, one has to learn by his own experience, one has to learn by learning from others, and that is how we develop different attitudes, attitude, of, you know, in doing things in a particular way, and then the attitude of helping people all the time, and if you’re not associating with people, those who are XYZ nature, the list goes on and on.

You should become aware of your attitudes

I have seen that with all the attitudes you carry with yourself, you get imprisoned in that; you just feel this is who I am. And as a result, you just make a boundary around yourself, and then whoever you meet with, you say hello, and you carry that weight with you that I am this attitude; in this limitless world of abundance of nature, you at least use the limit you and you have different perceptions through which you evaluate your living day to day basis. Now,, whether one should have an attitude or one should not have an attitude.

My take on that is to become aware of your attitudes, you know, that these are the attitudes, and own them, like an owner. So, the owner has the capability and capacity to switch it on and off. And if you’re unable to get out of your attitude, saying, ” Oh no, no, I can’t do this because I’m not like this. I’m not like that. I’m so and so. That means you are imprisoned in that attitude. And that separates you from other people, from the present time, from the abundance of living, from the realm of love because every attitude separates you from others, and we live the best by being connected to others.


You must be a FREE BIRD capable of adopting any ATTITUDE

Whether physical form or metaphysical forms, spiritual, physical, financial partnership, arrangements, or engagements, we survive and thrive well in existence with other people, and in that existence, this attitude comes as a barrier. So, reflect upon it and find out, you know, what are the attitudes that come as a barrier between you and the nature around you? You must be a free bird capable of adopting any attitude at will or leaving any attitude at will.

I hope I just tried to talk a little bit about the attitudinal problems we all face of ours and others too.


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