Healing is a process!!

You heal every day from illness, injury, and ill health

Healing is a term that addresses the living. And healing is an integral part of living. You heal every day from illness, injury, and ill health.

You heal from losses; you heal from insults, you heal from life because life is uncertain; it does not come defined every day. And you have to get up and face it. So, brace all the situations as they come and understand by the end of the day what you have been through and what it means now, but then every day is a new day, the next day, a new situation, new problems, and then you solve them. This is a constant effort to continue to live where you keep solving, keep solving, and the problems are never-ending.


Healing is a process one has to go through. And healing is not instantaneous. It has to go along with life. Healing should be an integral part of living. Healing should be daily.

The body is a reflection of you; you are very perceptive and impressive

What is it that needs to be healed? People in the world have compartmentalized Bodies, Minds, and spirits. I do not go into that much categorization; I just say it is you and you if you are not complete in some form or shape. It shows up through your body. The body is a reflection of you; you are very perceptive and impressive. You experience things that impinge on you. After every experience and impingement, you change. Sometimes you like that change, and sometimes that change is not appreciated. Sometimes that change can be discomforting and uncomfortable.
These changes need to be understood and processed. Brought to understanding brought to be an integral part of you.

That is what is healing. Healing is focused on you. You cannot live in a compartmentalized body, mind spirit. It’s you; it’s your story. You are the one who is running this car. You are the driver if the driver forgets the rules of driving and is not fully attentive or not present. This car tends to break down.

Holistic means WHOLE

Healing comes in complete form. That is where this word has come from. Holistic. Holistic means Whole. The mountains and nature stand as a whole; it presents themselves as a whole. You have to be part of nature whole, not broken into many, many pieces. That is what holistic healing is. That is what I specialize in. I help you understand what went wrong, where, how, and when because of what you are and your situation, and you know it the best.


So, I help you navigate the path of healing. You are the healer you will heal yourself. I will just hold your hand. This is what holistic healing is. Welcome to this path, and take your first step. Thank you


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