Things you should know about mind-body

If we recognize our existence and draw a diagram of it. We can see that this is who we are on the spiritual path, in terms of energy or spirit, and that this is a body, both of which have distinct features. Spirit is like energy, you know, something you can’t see but can experience in various forms such as heat, light, and sound. Furthermore, the body is constantly visible. It can be sensed, and when spirit and body come together, the body animates. It starts working when it animates. As a result, each body has its unique traits.

It operates in its way and then energy operates in its way. So, both these things, have different principles on which they work for energy, can either be created or destroyed, and it changes from one form to another. Wherein, the body is created, it has a limited lifetime and then after that, it just goes back to where it can be recreated again.

You own a body and not the reverse.

The body is timed. It starts at one point and ends at some.

As this is inevitable and must happen in any case. It brings anxiety and the feeling of losing time at every moment. The body has goals and targets to meet. This year, this month, this week, today and every moment must show some accomplishment to get a feeling that you exist. With the changing times, it has become more pronounced, and everything needs to happen faster than before. When people compete that is shown how soon how much is achieved. So that goal is established against time because the body is timed and limited. “Reduce your screen time” can be your first step in decluttering your head. Do that for one week and see the result.

The physical world is made up of the body, and all of the laws of the physical world are applied to it. You are not a physical being. Five terrific nodes will not be able to experience you. You are an energy that is subject to the law of energy. You make matter, you convert into the matter, but you are the cause and the creator. Everything is pulsing with vitality. You make the body run. The more you grow confused with your body, the more solid you become.

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