Three pairs of glasses that I had

I would like to discuss three pairs of glasses that I had. As soon as I put on my first pair of glasses, which I used for many years. I will see people as those who will be training. These are people I can trust, people who cheat on you. And I will see people as those who will be training.

I had a suspicion of everyone, and I did not want anybody getting close to me and feeling that friendliness towards me.

Able to see the TRUE COLORS of people through those glasses

I was proud of the fact that I was able to see the true colors of people through those glasses. This made me feel good about my ability to see them clearly. That pair of glasses wasn’t helping me in any way. It was making me very upset about the world and how it was and how it had to be.

In order to ensure that I was comfortable whenever I put on my glasses, I decided to get a new pair of glasses. The new pair of glasses had two different types of defects in the lenses. When I look at people through one lens, I am able to see their good qualities in the other lens. I will see the bad qualities of people. As a result, that second pair of glasses was a bit confusing for me.

The reason I feel this person is good is because I feel that they are trustworthy. On the other hand, I will also see the bad aspects of the person from another perspective.

Therefore, that pair of glasses also caused me headaches and interfered with my ability to see clearly. I couldn’t understand, so I thought that these glasses weren’t helping me either, because I couldn’t understand.


Each and every person is UNIQUE in their own way

Therefore, I bought a third pair of glasses with the same lenses. As a result, I began to see only the good in people, only the beauty in people, and only the originality in people.

I also saw how everyone has a uniqueness and beauty about them that makes them individual and beautiful. Each and every person is unique in their own way. They are different and different in their own unique way.

So, this pair of glasses made me appreciate them. I love them, I like them, I am friends with them, and I like this pair of glasses. You should also get your glasses checked. Maybe they are defective. Not a bad idea.


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