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It Is Important To Store Your Energy Within Yourself

Healing also needs energy coordination. We have seen that energy is something that depletes at a very fast rate. Whether you are not well, you feel lethargic, weak, and have less energy. So, for you to have energy coordinated, you have to sit down with yourself undistracted, uninterrupted, and try to store your energy within yourself.

MEDITATION is a good process

And for that reason, the process which most of the time people say meditate. So, meditation can be a little tough in the sense that you have to sit patiently with yourself, which sometimes can be difficult because of the anxiety you have about yourself, and you are unable to be quiet and silent, you might want to piece around, and other things. So, meditation is a good process.

For me, meditation means like, sit down with yourself and just take a few deep breaths and then just witness whatever is going on and then let the storm settle. When the storm settles, you see yourself somewhere hiding, afraid to show up, and then show up, show up. Gradually cover the area all around you look everywhere, and see that you still exist. That is what meditation does to you, it brings you up from the clouds of fear, despair, anxiety, and an agreement to the fact that you’re not well, all those things. So, that is the one and people call that as energy healing.

This you can do by yourself, you don’t sit with yourself meditating and putting yourself calmly together or you can ask somebody else to do that energy healing for you, that energy healing is you know, some kind of Reiki energy healing or you know, there are certain other processes, which people are using body communication, and some massage, and some touch to the body. All these things, they work.

Some chanting also works, because sound, sound brings lots of energy. So, you can chant you can do OM chanting or you know some other thing which goes with you, with which you have some pleasant association with whom you feel peace and feel the healing touch.

AIR brings all energy to us

One more important thing is the basic natural things, which bring energy, air is one of them. Go out and breathe as much air as you can, because air brings all energy to us, the body is composed of air, and water, and water brings energy, you drink water, as much as you can hot water, lukewarm water, cold water, whatever kind of water you like, drink water, brings energy to you keep yourself warm fire in you protected, keep yourself warm.

Be indirect touch with MOTHER EARTH

One more important aspect which I would like to bring over here is be indirect touch with Mother Earth bare your feet and then stand on Earth, on grass or you know in touch with the soil directly because that direction is also extremely important because Mother Earth is kind of a magnetic and it has it’s a motherly instinct to completely engulf you and sooth you and you will see a lot of important energy is flowing through you when you touch Mother Earth with your bare feet.

These are a few of the energies which you can take from the environment. And then energies, energy from plant food, energy from flowers, energy from smells of oils. All these are fine forms of energy and energy from homeopathy is an alternative medicine, which totally based on energies and exploring more and more and working more on the energy level while you are trying to heal yourself because energy is something that regenerates you and reverberates you and then takes you back to a healthy you.

So, this is what I call as energy healing. There are so many things which you can do on your own. There are some places where you can take help from the energy of others too. Thank you


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