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The Second Feature of the Physical Universe is Space

Since every person born on Earth encounters the concept of space, space is among the most important components of the physical universe. Space has its own constraints, such as the amount of space we can manage and the sufficient amount of space for ourselves; if it is less or more than that, that also affects us. Having too little or too much room impacts us, as does having too little or too much space.

You may have noticed that sometimes, as soon as you enter a room or residence, the notion of space begins to irritate you or bother you unintentionally because the space is cluttered or low-pitched or chaotic or dusty.


For centuries, people have relied on the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, or Vastu,

For centuries, people have relied on the ancient science of Vastu Shastra, or Vastu, which is concerned with organizing space and providing serenity and prosperity to homes to bring tranquility and prosperity to their homes through the power of positive energy. It includes a comprehensive set of recommendations for freshly constructed residences and properties: Where to build doors, bedrooms, and other structures, as well as the color of the property.

Energy is believed to play a critical role in the home and the well-being of its occupants. Also, when people rearrange their belongings and make space in their homes, their health and environment begin to improve clarify further-suggested or not.

Another aspect of natural living is that you should observe how much space you basically need. And if it falls below a certain level, you’ll need to declutter your space by getting rid of furniture, organizing your space, and minimizing the number of possessions you own. The reason why the health of people improves when they travel for vacation to open spaces is that they experience the naturalness of open space.

The Third Feature of the Physical Universe is Energy

There are several types of appliances that produce energy at home in the present day, including televisions, computers, and refrigerators. And none of these was a part of a previous civilization; they all began with our modern civilization. As a result, there is a significant energy imbalance in the environment in which we live.

There is an abundance of physical energy all around us PHYSICAL Energy

The naturalness of the energy present in us is affected by the physical energy of gadgets like televisions and refrigerators. People enjoy watching television, not realizing that it consumes a lot of energy. Hence, there is an abundance of physical energy all around us but we must create our own spiritual energy to maintain a healthy balance between physical and spiritual energy.

Firstly, we must rely less on these electronic gadgets and devices; once we begin stabilizing ourselves with that energy, we will see that our naturalness will increase.

observing SILENCE- Keeping silence is an excellent way to rebalance the energy in the house.

Correspondingly, you must practice certain processes such as observing silence (The process and steps of Observing Silence are discussed further in the book) can enhance our spiritual energy. Keeping silence is an excellent way to rebalance the energy in the house.

Additionally, several additional elements can absorb excess energy in the atmosphere, one of which is sodium carbonate, because it removes the free particles circulating powerfully around your home. You can put sodium bicarbonate in a dilute paste and place it in various rooms. It gradually begins to build up and eventually frees the house from the physical energy by absorbing free radicals that we receive from the internet, wireless, phones, computers, and all the other gadgets I mentioned previously.

Using sodium bicarbonate is an age-old thing; it is kept in the refrigerator to absorb odors and keep the surroundings fresh and odour-free. Doctors use sodium when they do breast biopsies to alleviate their pain so they’re not excessively anxious.


SALT LAMPS are also a great energy absorbers

Salt lamps are also a great energy absorber if you choose not to use sodium bicarbonate. Therefore, wherever you are utilizing these technological devices, if you place some salt lamps around, you will also be liberated from the imbalanced energy in your home. Cancer and other fatal diseases are caused by free radicals which are present in the environment due to physical energy. These free radicals are readily absorbed by salt, which is a conductor.

As a result, it funnels the free radicals through it. Similarly, sodium bicarbonate is an ion absorber; it absorbs additional free radicals. You can buy Himalayan salt lamps and keep them in the room where you sit and work, at the very least. You must also avoid using microwaves and storing food in refrigerators and reheating it.

You must have probably observed that when you’re sitting inside the home and walking out into your backyard, you get a SENSE of fresh air and freedom

Also, you must have probably observed that when you’re sitting inside the home and walking out into your backyard, you get a sense of fresh air and freedom since there’s less physical energy outside than inside the house. However, if you get away from the areas where you live to some farmhouses, farms, or mountains, you will experience a decrease in physical energy and an increase in naturalness. The physical energy at our homes is heavily affecting us, but we do not object to it because we have become accustomed to it.


5G vibration

There has been a debate on the future of 5G throughout the world. Approaching it from a metaphysical standpoint, I contend: in the physical universe, there are vibrations that we are all familiar with, but through 5G the vibration has been moved to a place that is a little closer to the nonphysical or metaphysical universe side of things.

Through these scientific discoveries, many things can be known in-depth about you in the future, such as how you think and your thought patterns, by sending impulse waves through you and then attempting to catch your mind.

Now, when you go to a website, let’s say on Amazon, and search for something, through artificial intelligence, they determine what you’re looking for, and then that same item begins pursuing you. In the future, even if we don’t go to Amazon, we will start getting suggestions about anything you think and try to sell you things in your mind.

Thus, this 5G vibration or frequency is slightly higher than usual, or you could say bordering on the paranormal. As a result, there was a lot of disagreement over whether it should be permitted, but it’s ultimately there, and the fight is still going on. The use of 5G explains that you can manage and control energy to as much extent as much as possible.


Developing, utilizing, and increasing reliance on SOLAR ENERGY for a natural viewpoint of life

Next, developing, utilizing, and increasing reliance on solar energy for a natural viewpoint of life must be preferred over electrical energy. In the early days of human civilization, we simply accomplished all work during daylight hours and then went to sleep, but that is no longer the case since our days now extend until 12 a.m., and we cannot survive without artificial energy.


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