Focus: Shaping Your Reality!!

Focus: Shaping Your Reality!!

What you focus on, you get. Sometimes, just changing the focus can change the blessings in life. Focus is not easy to change because sometimes you find that you are fixated on things which are beyond your control. You think about all the mishaps or all the things which you did not like that happened to you; they circle in your head. I also went through that and realized many times that I am thinking about things that bring my energy down. But you can’t help it because somehow it has more power over you than what you want to do.

Most of the time, the thoughts circling in your mind, or what you’re focusing on, often lack clarity and understanding and seem beyond your capability. When you attempt to distract yourself from these thoughts, they gain more power and force, pulling you deeper into them. You find yourself thinking more about negative relationships, illness, poverty, fears, anxiety, or similar concerns.  The more you want to get rid of it, the more it keeps popping up. And you have to put on more and more force to push it back.

I wanted to say that what you focus on, you get that. Supposing you focus on not seeing the red color, you always keep looking for the red color, so that red color shouldn’t show up. And in that process, you are not seeing more red color around than others see. So, what is the best way to change your focus?

The best solution is whatever you’re focused on; just focus on that for a longer duration. Until you start losing focus on that, just increase the intensity of the focus for some time. And then, you see, you will be defocusing from there. And your attention will be free. And the more you try to get rid of it and try to push it behind, it keeps showing up. So that is the easy way. It’s not difficult at all because it’s already popping up in front of you. And then now what you’re going to do is, you have to look at the pop-up for a longer duration, or whatever time it takes. So that it disappears. And then get what you focus on.

I think that if you are available in the present time and experience it, you don’t have to focus on anything. You’re just in the rhythm of living and you get everything it has to offer because it has everything that you’re looking for. And the whole idea is to be in sync with it. And in order to be in sync with it, the only problem is you are focused on certain other things, or people, places, or times—than where you are at present.

Once you start defocusing from there by focusing more on them, gradually you will see that they go out of focus and then become available to experience everything. Everything you’re seeking—everything you’re looking for—is here. Try to get focused on the things which you are focused on, and then see how they disappear from there.

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