The Joy of Having

Natural Cycle of Creation

One life with the fear of losing. Loss is imminent as everything; I mean, everything we look at around us is created. The creations do end as that is the natural cycle of creation. We, the creators, have not come to terms with this natural cycle. We want things to last forever in the physical world, but that is not the nature of this universe.

This internal conflict to have the physical world forever brings sorrow, unhappiness, anxiety, and fear. The physical world’s impermanence keeps one seeking more and more.

You are the rhythm of LIFE ENERGY

On the contrary, you are the immortal being who is the source of all. You are the creator. You are the rhythm of life energy. You pulsate. You vibrate. You are not part of the physical universe. You are visiting the physical universe.

These mountains, lakes, oceans, springs, forests, continents, countries, cities, and villages are created by you. You have them as long as you want. You own them. You are going to outlive them. You live forever. You are not part of the planet Earth. You are not physical. You are whole. You are the joy.


Just experience the joy of having. The joy of having forever. The joy of lasting eternally.

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