Role of nutrition in healing

Nutrition and healing are two important components that go hand in hand

Healing and nutrition are two important components that go together. Nutrition is not very well understood most of the time. So, many fancy foods, vitamins, supplements, powders, they have become an integral part of good nutrition and counting the calories and how many carbs are you taking less fat sugar substitutes too many changes have happened in the name of healthy food or nutrition.

I have made a thumb rule for myself and for many others in which worked very well.
The food with which you grew up and eat that food has contributed to your genetic makeup

Most of the time, I asked people to go back to the food with which you grew up and eat that food that food has contributed to your genetic makeup and that food is a comfort food. So, that food does not have any extra impact on you when you continue with that, because that reminds you of your journey of growth and other foods body tries to understand them so many new grains we adopt to which we have never eaten when we were growing up.

So, different people, they try different grains, which are from different territories, different nations and different geographical locations. And they may not be good for you, because nature has made its plan according to the people and the places the food grown within 100 miles of where you stay is the best food for you to consume. Because that is as per your composition or your natural biome, so trying many variations of food may not be a good idea.


Food is best consumed in its natural form or in its whole form

The only thing one should worry about when you are trying to give nutrition to yourself is take the food in the same form as it is given by the nature. Do not try to change its form by overcooking, over preserving, overcooling, overheating that kills it. Taking it in its natural form or the whole form is the best way to consume food for its nutritive value that is number one rule. Having whole foods as they have been given to you by nature and those foods body does understand because it is well adjusted with the genetic makeup to genetic wakeup of plant and your body.

Vegetarian, non vegetarian, vegan

Then to go vegetarian, non vegetarian, vegan it all depends on your attribute or attitude towards that food. If that food which is non vegetarian comprises of meat goes well with you. I think you will do a better job in digesting it. And if being vegetarian is your choice, that’s what your body wants. That will go good with you. And vegan is a choice to make. Or you can alternate in all three types sometimes going on vegetarian, become vegetarian or go vegan.
So if you look at many religions. And they observe few days of leaving meat, say 10-15 days, few days of going vegan. So that is an old practice where you can alternate between different food styles. And then body gets enough of everything. Complicating your lifestyle, because of food, always worrying about. What should you eat, what you should not eat, goes against the natural cycle of ingestion and digestion. After taking food you just start thinking, Oh, this wasn’t a good choice. I wish I shouldn’t have eaten it, or I over ate, or now onwards, I’m not going to do this or that.

It is important take a little gratitude with whatever you take

So, all these adjectives in front of the food items, or after the food items taken. And delay the process of nutrition for the body. Whatever, that’s why it is said that whatever you take, take a little gratitude. Because that emotion of gratitude helps in getting the nutritional value from the food. Whenever you are, in the process of healing, give yourself good, healthy, wholesome food in the form of love, knowledge, plants and animals because that makes you part of the universe and that is what is holistic healing. We shall continue.


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