OCD- obsessive-compulsive disorders

what is Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

What Is OCD?

Let’s talk about OCD- obsessive-compulsive disorders. This is a word that is given for a particular behavior of yours. And some of the behaviors that are considered abnormal. And some of the behaviors are considered normal as per different definitions given by different people. Any behavior pattern which you repeat and you feel comfortable with, I call that OCD- obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Suppose you put on glasses, and then every few minutes, you tend to do this to your glasses, I am talking about this again, this is also some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder. But this comes across as your mannerism. But just see, if somebody tells you not to do this, please don’t touch your glasses over and over, when you’re talking to me, you will be very uneasy, and to the point that you might forget what to say.

Some Other Example Of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

And there are other obsessive-compulsive disorders that are looked down upon, supposing you get in the habit of washing hands over and over, post COVID many people got into this habit of compulsively washing their hands, fearing that there shouldn’t be any germs or viruses, which can spread and can cause disease, then this tendency also keeps on increasing to the point that you will just clean once twice, and then you clean with the antiseptic or antibacterial sprays, you want others to wash their hands too if they have not washed their hands, then you’re very uneasy in their presence.

Any behavior pattern without which you cannot live is kind of an obsessive-compulsive disorder. For watching TV, and if you do not watch TV for X number of hours, then you are not comfortable in your skin, other mannerisms, which you have made that, I have to drink water with food, if I don’t drink it, then I can’t eat or I have to watch TV while eating food. I can eat only this kind of food and not that kind of food I can’t have ginger in my food. And so on, these are different habits, which are your attitudes, which you cannot bypass or you cannot control, and any attitude, how small it may be or how big it may become is a hindrance, is a barrier for you to experience the present time.

Present Time Brings All The Beauty And Wealth Of Existence

A person is in the present time and does not understand that the present time brings all the beauty and wealth of existence, but then it is trying to avoid the present time. Once you experience the present time without all these OCDs or dependencies or crutches of your behavior, you will see how enriching it is. But it is like which comes first, kind of a question and to get rid of these compulsive behaviors of yours, which you might consider as your mannerism or this is your style or you can call it OCD and then symptoms people show their OCD is as if that is some kind of status symbol too.

Gain YOURSELF Back And Then Feel The Presence

If you come across such mannerisms of yours, and when they appear and you overcome them. I’m telling you, it is a little struggle, but you are the best person to control them by just observing them and sitting through them. One by one you shed more and more mannerisms and attitudes and compulsiveness of yours and gain more of you. Gain yourself back and then feel the presence.

The point here is OCD is not something that is medically diagnosable. It is something that you know or a noticeable thing that others can notice, and then somebody says Aah what are you doing? Some of the crutches you have, you just keep them out of other people’s eyes, and then it becomes very noticeable and then people say this is kind of OCD. But you, yourself notice your mannerisms and behaviors and attitudes, to which you say that this is who I am and they are also barriers or OCD obsessive-compulsive disorders or stubbornly held attitudes, which do not let you experience the existence and the wow of now. Wow of now! I like it.

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