Determine What Controls You and Who Owns You

The Fourth Feature of the Physical Universe is Matter

Our body exists in the form of matter, but our body’s naturalness decreases as more than required matter accumulates, i.e., when we become overweight. Our body becomes less natural as we cannot perform many activities that a person with a more natural disposition can, like sway, run, and feel lighter.

I previously talked about time, which plays a role in making us the most unnatural because time is not in our control, and we are all running and chasing time as much as possible. Likewise, money as a form of matter, is another thing that we are all chasing, and whatever amount we have, it seems insufficient.

We exchange everything with money, and money makes us feel energetic, strong, and assertive. When you accumulate a large amount of matter, such as money, and that money begins to exert control over you in the same way that time exerts control over you, money exerts power over you.

However, this constant want for more money pushes us towards unnaturalness. But, do we become happier by having more money? No! The relationship with energy or matter is always cumbersome for you as an individual, regardless of whether you are a spiritual being or a physical being.

Likewise, we must Determine to understand that the happiness we acquire through more than required money and other materialistic things is a consciously acquired happiness.

LEARN from NATURE the feeling of contentment

We can learn from nature the feeling of contentment that comes from having enough resources and not wanting more than is required. For instance, a plant, which is a natural entity, uses only as much water as it needs to grow. If you give more than that, it just starts wilting. Similarly, it takes as much sunlight as possible; if you give more, it again starts wilting.

Nature does not learn; it is born with the ability to grow. For example, a plant or a seed just knows how to grow. But we also have that real potential to grow and care for ourselves. But we have been trained to unnatural by being told repeated instructions regarding the correct and wrong ways of living.

We are given excessive instructions as to the right way of living. Which mainly includes the conditioning that we must have matter as, without matter, we will not known as someone. Who is living their dream life.

However, matter in the form of big gadgets or money present in the bank is also taking away your naturalness. Money is conceived as a series of numbers. You rarely come into contact with money; you see the numbers in the bank and then the numbers increasing and reducing, and if they decline, your heartbeats sink. Read More!

The notion that these numbers are critical and should continue to increase rather than decrease is inherently unnatural because, in a natural cycle, things come and go, but we, for both money and time, do not want them to finish at all; we want time to continue indefinitely.

However, it is critical to part with money and time. When we accept that money and time will eventually run out, it increases the naturalness of our existence. Part with money and start giving it away; even if you have less of it to enhance your naturalness.

Pay attention to the number of clothes you possess

Also, pay attention to the number of clothes you possess: it is one example of living out of harmony with the physical universe.

We must learn the feeling of detachment by enduring the pain and discomfort when we part with our money and other things. At present, our strongest attachment is with the matter, whether in the form of money, devices, or other materialistic items.

Determine, Even if you achieve the life you dreamt of in childhood. you might not feel as excited as you thought you. Thus, you are aware that matter robs us of our naturalness. We have become less and less natural through time and have grown increasingly cautious in our approach to living.

The quantity of objects in our home continues to grow. But we are merely carrying their weight on our shoulders.

Spouse, Family, and Children, are also forms of matter

Entities, such as your spouse, family, and children, are also forms of matter. But it almost impossible to detach from your family or spouse. However, you can start with things around the house and just keep. What required to grow and complete the natural cycle of life.

Hence, you must begin with the physical to achieve the mental condition of not being tied to matter. The reason we keep a lot of items at home is simply. Because we believe they will be useful at some point.

Once you begin removing matter and creating space. You will notice how better you feel and how our naturalness returns. Sometimes, occasionally, even if a spoon goes missing, people become upset since the spoon was part of a set and the set is now incomplete.

I have begun giving away the things I own that I don’t need as a part of detachment and natural living. As I look around, I wonder when I accumulated them all. And I learned that the more freely I give my belongings. The more they provide me with transcendentally pleasant sensations.

Similarly, I aim to help you focus your attention on your relationship with these objects to help you determine. If you are the master of them or whether they are your master. You will  realise that as soon as you have mastery over these tangible objects. You begin to sense that freedom.

Similarly, you must be aware that food is also matter. And dependency on any type of food, wine, or tea is also your weakness. So, all you have to do is recognize your reliance on it and then begin observing, Determine, inspecting, and eventually breaking free from it. I am not endorsing that you must not have gadgets or money or other things you’re used to living with.

To inspect Determine who controls what and who is the owner

The main idea is to inspect and determine who controls what and who is the owner. For instance, is time or money controlling you? Are your gadgets controlling you? Is your family controlling you? Are you simply the effect of all these entities of matter?

Because when you become an effect of everything. You don’t grow naturally; you simply exist, but existence by itself is dead. Surviving and thriving is natural because nature exists and expands in abundance. If you’re trying to save time and money to live, you’re acting artificially and unnaturally.

But this has become your original thought pattern or your original way of living. Because we have gone so far away from the natural state of our being. Nobody can explain to you precisely what it means to live a natural life. Natural living is innate in all beings; we all possess an innate wisdom that may be accessed by connecting with our innermost selves to experience the freedom that comes with being natural, but it will require time and daily effort.

Find out what’s going on inside of you by connecting with yourself. If you are watchful and simply examine the interaction between money, matter, and energy. You may gradually disentangle yourself, increasing the naturalness of living, the outcomes of which will be worth the wait, even though the process will be gradual and steady.

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