CAN YOU AVOID FALLING SICK?– In this world, we are all programmed individuals. We have learned some lessons by paying for them in the form of college degrees, schools, and universities.

However, some of the lessons we have learned have been obtained through our personal experiences. It is true that those lessons learned have both the potential to be painful as well as pleasurable.

The mind learns from almost every experience in life and then plays it back to you. Sometimes that playback is within your control, and sometimes it is not.

When a person becomes sick, we believe that life becomes easier for them.

One of the lessons that the mind, or us, or we learn unknowingly, is that if you get sick, then you will be able to handle life easier and more effectively. It is because sick people always receive a lot of sympathy from people and a lot of attention from them.

If the situation is challenging, and it seems like you are unable to cope with it. Then falling sick can be one excuse for not dealing with it. The reason for this is because you will not have to deal with people bothering you, and your life will be less stress as a result.

Perhaps we learn this from the very beginning. When we refuse to attend school and then pretend we are sick and our parents say, “okay, don’t go to school now rest.” Over time, this attitude or this ability to pretend to be sick becomes quite useful when things go beyond our control.

When a person focuses on solving sickness and life’s problems, they become less stressed.

With the passage of time, the complexity of life keeps on increasing. As more and more problems and challenges arrive, a person can choose whether to choose the right approach, or whether to choose the wrong approach.

In the first situation, the person takes action and tries to resolve the situation in which they are in. Another falls ill. In my experience, the second option seems to take over a lot more often than the first possibility.

This cycle of sickness begins with a headache, coughing, cold, and upset stomach. If the problem is not resolved, it can lead to severe illnesses that are undiagnosed or never show up in laboratory tests. Therefore, a person who becomes busy in solving sickness and life’s problems will become less active.

Try to recognize if you are suffering from illnesses that are beyond your capabilities or your doctor’s, and then solve the riddle. And when did you decide to fall sick? To get out of any situation? It’s a very interesting observation. It is my belief that you will regain your health if you are able to excel in it. Read More Blog


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