Be Selfish

Learn to take care of YOURSELF

First of all learn to take care of yourself before you get in those esoteric goals of helping others.

The least you can do is sit with yourself. Ask self, “what do you want “? What will you like to feel? What do you want to have? What is it that you want to do?

Fall in love with your self

Fall in love with your self. Just see yourself everywhere. See the assets you have. Admire your beautiful eyes which help you see this world. The capacity to smell the fragrance the bounties of nature bring to you. The touch that sends waves of excitement through you. Tastes bring that satiated look. Go for all of the above.

Self is the only reason you are here. Recognize that first and be honest about it.
Self love, self worth, self confidence are the essentials of living. Rest is all makeup.


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