Your problem with your child!

The future of our country lies in the hands of children Children and parents having issues are very common. Parents, mostly from all ethnicities, feel greatly concerned about bringing up children. And whatever they do, their whole concern is, you know, to do their best for their children. And I appreciate that because children are our […]

The art of communication!

The art of public speaking, or speaking, is an art form. In art, beauty is consistently embodied or symbolized, so whenever somebody communicates with someone, whether it is with one individual, a group, or a crowd, the beauty of communication is that everyone listening to that communication is thinking that that piece of information belongs […]

Communication’s end product is understanding

A person is as alive as he can communicate and as dead as he cannot communicate. So, communication is not like talking and non stop oozing words from your mouth. What is COMMUNICATION? Communication is when you are present and you have a desire to talk to someone and you are being careful that other […]

Communication issues!!

Communication is dependent on devices There is a world where people are dependent on various devices. And the devices that help them get information or advice or time pass. And these devices have become a substitute for real communication. Communication is an outflow. You release energy when you talk And as a result, people are […]

Anxiety: ways to cope with it

Fear is also known as ANXIETY Another name for fear is anxiety, anxiety is something apprehension or some excitement or expectations, anxiety can be in different forms, in different forms in the sense that you might be feeling happy. Different forms of ANXIETY But then there is something which is keeping you not at rest, your hormones […]

Learn to address fear

Emotion of FEAR We live with many emotions and experience many emotions. Some of the emotions are very well defined, and we name them. And some of the emotions are not even defined by us and they cause confusion. One of the emotions, which is very familiar to most of us is the emotion of […]

Organic food or conventional food!!

Organically grown foods and conventional foods are two new words, which people are careful about when they buy food, mostly produce and then also processed foods as well which is not very good news is that organic foods are more expensive than conventional forms. What are ORGANIC foods? I think it should not be that […]

Stress caused by chemicals

Talking about stress management in continuation of different kinds of stresses, we do not think that they are stressed, but they are stresses. So, today I will like to address something called stress caused by chemicals in our life. Contaminated Food Chemicals are a kind of quick-fix solution to fast-paced life things, which can get […]

Stress acts as a motivator

Nowadays, stress is an integral part of our daily lives. Sometimes stress acts as a motivator also, because when you are pushed against some deadlines or pushed against some goals you have made, you work hard to achieve them. And finally, you get them. So it’s one of some kind of motivation. We all are […]

What is stress?

Stress is one major word which we all use and that is known as one of the major causes of all the ills, one goes through all the dis-ease one goes through. It has become brought and you do not know at what stage you call it stress and at what stage it starts causing […]