Mechanics and Magic

Today I would like to discuss two very interesting words that I often discuss with people I know personally, and that I find very interesting. The discussion goes on and on about these two words, which is very enlightening and useful to understand. These two words are known as mechanics and how to create magic respectively.

It seems that everything in this world is based on mechanics. This means that everything is based on hard work or smart work, or even work for that matter. This can end up being monotonous, boring, and the same thing every single day. And now and then magic happens.


What is MAGIC?

I think the right way how to create magic is that it is something sparkling and unexpected, that just happened out of nowhere. It brought you ease in your life or gave you meaning to your life, or that has given you some special ability, that sets you apart from everyone else.

In fact, you look like a magician, and people will look at you and ask how you are able to do what you are doing. Everyone wants to have a magic band inside of them or a magic side to them, and it is a desire we all share.

There is a belief that GOD is a MAGICIAN

I believe that God is the biggest magician and that there is no one. Who can explain to us how he managed to do it. There is a common belief that God is regarded as a magician, because of how he does all the things he does.

How mechanics and magic are related – How to create magic

A simple correlation between these two words is not that easy to achieve. It is still possible to break the term down into mechanics, which is an action or thing that you do. As for magic, it is something that doesn’t show that it is the result of an action that has been taken.

In order to put the relationship between mechanics and magic into a simpler form, I would like to say that when an action is repeated enough times. It becomes magical, and that is how mechanics and magic are related. Click for more info

It can be said that in order to get to the spirit of magic, you must go through the mechanics. I do not believe that there is a shortcut to getting there. Those who are born magicians and those who are born artists have already accomplished this in their earlier lives.

But they have done it enough times that now it seems more straightforward. And it looks like magic. Whatever you do in your life, whatever mechanics you’re going through, just keep doing it over and over again with the same quality. You should have the same expectation that it will turn out well.


How do you manage to achieve all of this?

As a result, you will be able to see that in no time that mechanical action will be transformed into a magical one. Now you are doing the same thing as before. When other people look at you and say, wow, how do you do that? How do you manage to achieve all of this?

In other words, mechanical actions carried out with precision, intention, and regularity over a period of time eventually become magic once they are put into practice. There is no other relationship between mechanics and magic. The right way to live is to be a magician.



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