The Role of Parenting in Developing Decision-Making Skills

We will continue our discussion on parenting. When a child enters this world, they do not have the choice to make their decisions. Their name is chosen by their parents, and the parents decide on their food, clothing, bedtime, wake-up time, playtime, school, and even which friends are suitable for them to hang out with. […]

“Metaphysical Perspectives on Parenting: Nurturing the Being in Your Child”


Today, I had the thought that I should start talking to parents- ‘would- be parents’, and ‘those who are already going through the process of parenting’. I strongly believe that parents should be educated in their role as parents, but this education should come from a metaphysical perspective. It shouldn’t be based on simplistic guidelines […]

“AAO’ vs. Traditional Meditation and Chanting”


How is ‘AAO’ different from other meditation and chanting techniques? All chanting techniques and different meditations involve focusing on something or some point or involve the repetition of a particular chant. When you are doing something, like focusing on your breath or chanting, you allow yourself to get involved again in something. When you do […]

What is ‘AAO’- Arrive at Origin?

AAO- Arrive at Origin

There has been a continual increase in the number of people exploring various techniques for meditation and mindfulness to experience a peaceful state of mind throughout the world. However, these practices sound so complicated that most people believe them to be meant only for people to find an escape from reality. To make it more […]

What is Metaphysics?


Many times people ask me,  “What is Metaphysics?” Metaphysics sounds familiar because it has ‘physics’ included with ‘meta’. To find an example, in today’s world, a good example is Facebook. On Facebook, we all put up our faces and then make our profiles and become visible to the rest of the world. So, Facebook became […]

Listen to the music of this universe!!


Universe has its own music and it plays on a universal note. The music of the universe is understandable by everyone. However, we have created so much noise, that you cannot listen to this music. That music is ethereal and it brings the best out of you. Your whole purpose to exist is to tune […]

Graduating from relationship!!


Time and space are also very important in relationships. When you are starting any relationship with anybody, and when you are in the middle of it or you are ending the relationship- at all the points, you will see that time and space come hand in hand.  Space is a physical distance between two people, […]

Pay attention to your relationship


Relationships are exceptionally precious, perhaps the most valuable things to possess.  When you embark on your journey in this world, it all begins with belonging – to someone, to parents, to siblings. This phase stands out as the most remarkable time in life because it offers unconditional acceptance in those relationships. Initially, there’s a sense […]

What is the goal of your life?

goal of life

A few days ago, we just discussed the innate desire of every human being to discover “Who am I?” and then try to find an answer.  Likewise, there is another question: what is the goal of your life? People ask each other, “What do you want to be? What do you want to have? What […]

Be the light, Be the sound

light and sound

“I am the light and I am the sound.” My mind keeps going back and forth between these two sentences. Many people are looking for an answer to this question: Who am I? But they find different definitions to the question ‘Who am I?’ every time. Today when I asked myself ‘Who am I?’  These […]