Benefit Disorder!!

We are living in a social setup, and there are some social programmings, which we are unable to get out of social programmings, like growing up, doing good, doing better, and then getting married, having kids, then helping them grow more than their ability or capacity, they can do better. And all of this has […]

The transformation to the person you always were.


Somebody says, “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” Or, a few times I’ve heard, “Be the change to see the change.” These statements or sentences are very ambiguous; they’re not very clear about what it is that you should change. The person struggles and comes up with fancy ideas, changing his or her lifestyle, thinking that […]

Your Path to Transformation: Embracing the Real You


I’m writing a new book, and the title is “Your Path to Transformation.” I’ve noticed that transformation is an attractive concept; people want to know how they can transform themselves. My take on that is: you have already transformed so much that you have changed your form. So, we want to bring you back to […]

Unveiling the Root Causes of Anxiety: A Journey into Physical Impact

how to deal with anxiety

Introduction In today’s fast-paced world, anxiety has become a common companion in our lives. It’s an emotion that most of us experience to some extent, and it can manifest in various ways: racing heartbeats, sweating, loss of appetite, or sleepless nights. Anxiety becomes a part of who we are, lurking beneath the surface. But have […]

Unwrapping the Gift of Life: Embracing the ‘Do It Now’ Mantra!!

gift of life

Living in itself is a gift, and this gift is wrapped in so many layers that it is irresistible to wait for all the wraps to go away and find out the true meaning of what life is. This is the holiday season, and people are exchanging gifts with each other. Gifts are the kind […]

Tips for Overcoming Anxiety: Navigating the Maze of Information

Anxiety can often be exacerbated by the overwhelming amount of information and opinions we encounter in our daily lives. In this article, we will explore some tips for overcoming anxiety by navigating the complex world of information and distinguishing between fact and opinion. 1. Recognize the Difference Between Fact and Opinion: One of the fundamental […]