Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. Stress is the buzz word of this century.

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Happiness is an Inside Job

Although technology is advancing in leaps and bounds, our life still lags behind when it comes to attaining peace of mind. We keep busy with our work and other chores so much and so that we completely ignore what our least-discovered life has in store for us. We say, this is certainly worth a thought! Our life starts in our mother’s womb.
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Posture of the Week

To all newbie’s
During the first few times, your body may act stiff. Go easy on yourself. Flexibility will come in subsequently. However, be regular with your exercises. Now, let’s start with a posture which will relax you in and out!.
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Recipe of the Week

• 10 ounce thick and firm tofu
• 5 ounce green leafy romaine lettuce
• 2 pieces of crusty, whole-wheat bread
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