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Posture of the Week


To all newbie’s

During the first few times, your body may act stiff. Go easy on yourself. Flexibility will come in subsequently. However, be regular with your exercises. Now, let’s start with a posture which will relax you in and out!

Sukhasana is seen as the simplest pose in Yoga. It can further be elaborated as ‘Sukha’ which means Happiness and ‘Asana’ which means posture. It can be practiced by people belonging to any age group.

Things You Need

A yoga mat/Carpets


#1: Sit comfortably on a mat or carpet with your legs stretched out. You can even sit with your back close to the wall. This will provide a stable support to your back.

#2: Left leg should be folded in such a way that it’s beneath the right leg. In order words, we need to slip our left foot beneath the right knee and vice versa.

#3: Sit straight with your spine erect. Allow your hands to rest freely on your legs.

#4: Breathe in slowly, breathe out slowly. Keep taking long breaths.

#5: Switch the placement of your legs after 5-10 minutes to feel at ease. Continue taking long breaths for about 15 minutes.

Piece of Advice

1) Remember to be silent at all times during your exercise routines. Be with your breath. Be with yourself.

2) Avoid indulging into any exercises or yoga postures in case you are suffering from knee/hip pain or injury.


#1: Reduces anxiety and depression. It calms the mind and body.
#2: Vanishes tiredness and puts one into a state of tranquility.
#3: This posture strengthens the backbone and opens up the hips.

With this ‘Easy Sitting Pose’ we have started our journey onto the path of fitness and joy. Do try this at home by yourselves and experience refreshed energy flow. Let us know how you liked it!

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