Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. Stress is the buzz word of this century.


Soul Body Healing Center is the need of the hour. We see our surroundings filled with grief, fear, anger, anxiety, and depression. Stress is the buzz word of this century. Our young budding generation on whom we are basing our future is already stressed. Past is painful, present is confused, and future does not exist for many.

Word heal has its origin in the old English word hāl which means whole.

Healing takes time, to restore oneself fully is healing in its truest sense. Our approach is to give time, love, and patience to heal. Soul Body Healing Center wants to set up a chain reaction where one heals another and cares for each other’s well being.

Anything less than whole is not whole, not healed. We deserve the right to have wholesome existence and that is the motto of Soul Body Healing Center.


Retreat of it's Own Kind

Fort Bragg, California
25th to 27th Aug, 2016

Back to Basics...

2860 Camino Tassajara, Danville, CA 94506
23rd to 25th Oct, 2015

A Rustic Getaway to Solitude...

2417 Kilkare Rd, Sunol, CA 94586
4th to 6th September, 2015


Story starts from your spritual existence. 
Fixing the problems in spiritual universe will fix it for ever.
Knowing who you are is the first question and the right question.
Ask yourself as many times as you need to! 
The answers can be many but right answer will be only one. Who am I really?

Be the water which finds the way to flow through the mountains. Keep flowing till mountains give in.

Love is best expressed when it is unconditional.
Love is best received when it is unconditional.
Be in love.
ALWAYS with something or the other.
Enjoy the joy of loving.

All the anxiety is a fear of unknown.
Unknown is known when looked upon.
Look and know.
Simple !!!!!

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